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My iconic Red skirt

March 2, 2012










New Look t shirt, Dorothy Perkins skirt, Next shoes, Forever 21 jewelry, h & m purse

I can’t believe this skirt is 10 years old! Apart from the fact that it reminds me I’m going to be 26 in May (boooo!) I love that wearing this is like a trip down memory lane. My mom bought this skirt for me when I was 16 and I’ve kept this skirt because at that age, it made me feel fancy and I only ever wore it for special occasions like a first anniversary with my then boyfriend or ‘fancy’ parties. Those were magical, innocent times. I really did feel special every time I wore it.

Anyway, I don’t know what possessed me to try it on after all these years but I’m glad I did. Just goes to show you that it’s good to shop in your own closet sometimes 🙂

I also love this New Look t shirt by the way, I picked it up in red too. It’s super comfortable and you can tie it up lower or higher which means it’s fab for skirts, jeans or  anything high waisted. They’re on the baggy side so you might want to down size a bit if you’re buying one.

I hope you’re having a great day, if you’re not- push through. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to kick some ass!

Lots of Love,





  • Such an awesome skirt! I love the ruffles & color. Your mom has good taste!

  • Love the whole outfit! The skirt looks great on you!

  • That is a gorgeous skirt, and it looks so good on you LuAnne! The pumps are super sexy, too! You look beautiful!

  • Have you darkened your hair? I came very close to getting that H&M bag!!! 

  • You look so beautiful, Hun! I LOVE that bag!!!! Such a pretty pop of color 🙂 

  • Honeysuckelle

    I love the skirt, I too have a few pieces that have survived 10 years, some pieces I wish I still had. You look lovely btw and I love the hot pink accessories.


  • I love, love, love your bracelet.

  • Laura_laurapas

    tres jolie cette jupe..comme quoi on doit tout garder! 

  • It's really awesome that you've had that skirt for ten years! Amazing! It looks really good, red is a great colour for you!

  • Such a brave color combination, but it worked out really well! <3

  • Carrapuchina

    love red + hot pink!!!!

  • Love the outfit! I love shopping my own closet 😀

  • *Such* a pretty skirt! And you look great in red!

  • Oh, don't get me wrong, I've been "big" my whole life too, just less big then! Like 5 sizes less big probably. :X

  • You look gorgeous as always, my dear. I always shop in my closet (cause I'm poor! Haha) But I would never be able to fit in any of my teen years clothing. 🙁

  • weesha

    I've always been a big girl so I guess that's a plus for being fat your whole life haha!

  • so gorgeous. love this look on you!

  • Tracey B

    very pretty, love red and pink as a combo. xXx

  • JustDaisy

    love that purse and those heels!


  • Ticka

    That skirt is very pretty! Love it's feminine ruffles.

  • Love the skirt, love the memories even more. I had a similar (but not as gorgeous) one in pink a long time ago. 🙂


    beautiful skirt. Loving the clash of red and pink, and the crazy gorgeous hair, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh