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Neon Lace & a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt

February 16, 2012









Forever 21+ Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, ASOS Neon Lace skirt, New Look skinny belt, H & M black bangles, Aldo shoes.

So Nicolette Mason advised me to downsize with this skirt but they didn’t have a smaller size so I took an 18 anyway, it’s definitely big, hence the skinny belt and it’s longer than expect but I kind of like that. But I would recommend down sizing too if you’re getting this. It’s neon love all the way though!

Have a great weekend,





  • I love the skirt, whole outfit looks great. I will definitely check if I can get one in my size:)

  • I love, love that skirt,ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need it!!!

  • I love this look 🙂 Pink hair, tee, skirt, shoes, tattoos, all of it. xx

  • Blog To Be Alive

    You look super trendy! I love it!
    I haven't been eyeing that skirt for a while but didn't think I'd fit in the 18. I might give it a try!

  • Great outfit. Love the tee & the NEON (yes I <3 it & all 80s related things). And those shoes are fierce. I am totally gonna go through your older posts for more clear tattoo photos. 🙂

  • THAT SKIRT! I think i'm in love, LOVE, with that skirt!!

  • This skirt would look fabulous with a black lace (sheer-lace even maybe) top of some kind… you could even have a long-sleeved lace top and be super-lacy, but that'd be sexy 😉 hehe xo

  • Alicja Koalicja

    t-shit is lovely !!!!

  • Dorota M

    Great outfit 🙂 i love your shirt <3

  • Rachel

    I LOVE that skirt on you!!!

  • Ooh, that skirt is amazing.  I envy you, you can really pull it off!  (I cannot, that silhouette is horrid on me.)  And those shoes! 

  • Love that skirt! You are totally rocking the neon lace. The Marilyn tee is very cute too.

  • Love love love!! You look like some super cool rockstar's girlfriend! I pretty much want to steal that skirt from you. haha

  • Wow  that color is so fucking briiiight! 🙂 But is look awesome on you, I bet I would look like a dead body swept in water and stand up again to fullfill it's zombie mission! xD And yes you look awesome and I also love this shirt, oh Marilyn…

  • soooo love that skirt gawd i need one like that in my life. 

    Broke Fatshion

  • I love that skirt! Such an amazingly fun colour.

  • Aga

    Hi Weesha! I'm Aga. I've been visiting your blog since September. I'm a plus-size woman myself and your posts and photos have been of  some much help for me in my dark moments. Now I'm aware that i don't have to punish myself for being the kind of person I am. I want to thank you for that. Keep doing what you do. Greetings from Poland

  • Timeless Creazion

    I am in love with that Skirt. That color reminds me of a pair of rain slippers i have been waearing it for two years and i just cannot get rid of them 🙂

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Wowie, you look so, so, so cool! I really want to get myself to do outfit posts on my blog but I'm too scared. I tried in the past but that was when nobody knew I had a blog. *crosses fingers* I'll try, again, soon! I want your skirt! I love printed tees + dressy skirts.

  • Roanna Fernandes

    And again, your hair! I love it sooo frickin' much!