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Baby, it’s cold outside

January 23, 2012







Everything from New Look except River Island bag

It is so cold in Dubai!! and I know you’ll probably scoff at our 14 degrees but this is Dubai, we’re used to heat! Our winters are usually like 22 degrees and that’s much easier to live with.

I’ve been very lazy about dressing up lately (I blame the cold) and this is what I’ve looked like 80% of the time:


leggings, sweaters or the boy’s jacket and flip flops.

Do I score points for blingy nails at least?


And the sad part is that I have done heaps of shopping because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, but I’ve kind of lost my style mojo. Hopefully, I’ll get to show you all my lovely new outfits soon and hopefully this weather will ease up (did you hear it snowed in Qatar for the first time ever?!)

While you’re here, I would really appreciate some advice on styling these. Quite clueless about what to wear them with, how would you wear these zebra print wedge booties?


Hope everything is good with you 🙂






  • black opaque tights/leggings, with a white/red/blue/green top. I'd keep it just monotone simple though. i find Zebra print really hard to style, yet cheetah a breeze.

  • rhoooo j adore ton sac !

    bon w end ;o)

  • Amy

    I could kill for a «so cold 14 degrees winter». Greeting from Canada! Nice shoes!

  • Zacsgirl

    Love the black shoes……i hve to have them….as for the zebra shoess……dude they would love awesome with asomething red….n some black leathers……wat say

  • grownandcurvywoman

    I want your wedges! They are fab! The whole look is edgy and fun.
    Those zebra striped wedges would've easily fit into your posted outfit.

  • I can totally see that your hair is PINK in these pictures!! 😉 Love it! Totally loving that vest too! My white vest just re-surfaced over the weekend. I need a pair of skinny leathers. Mine are boot cut. You are beautiful! Kiah

  • Gorgeous outfit.
    <loving your shoes soooooooo much.

  • Maitrayee

    I would style those shoes with my red leggings which I love (like these- and my oversized black and white top (like this- I regret not having a boyfriend that can take good pics, but I will try and take some average photos of this combo tonight or you. I can just imagine the look. <3

  • Maimusings

    Love the blouse, the color looks great on you. You did a great job with putting all of these pieces together, modern yet feminine!

  • Love your outfit!

    I would style the zebra booties with skinnies and a white tunic, or something really bright but solid colours. Also, for an edgy black and white outfit I might wear them with black tights, a black or black and white dress/skirt in some pattern. Or you could just add a black and white scarf or belt in any pattern with solid colours or neutrals.

  • I love all of river island's bags! we don't have it in the US so whenever I go to singapore I swoon for RI bags

    -Bianca at

  • JustDaisy

    Love the fur and those wedges girl


  • Killer outfit. I love your blouse and those shoes are sooo amazing! You look lovely as usual 🙂 

  • samille ganges

    Weesha your pics look amazing!  I love the vest and the shoes!  Looking nice girl!

  • ahh! i love those pants and the wedges! so absolutely fantastic! love this! 🙂 


  • as for the zebra booties. Theyd go fabulous with a red pencil skirt or something black like black skinnies and a rock t-shirt..that's how id wear them! 🙂 


  • okay so you look absolutely fabulous! I loooovvee this outfit! 🙂