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Golden Globes 2012- Style Inspiration

January 16, 2012

I don’t usually blog about these things but I was gushing over so many of my favourite stars this year, I just had to put it out somewhere. Talking about Golden Globe fashion with the bf just isn’t as satisfying, his eyes always go straight to the boobs anyway.

First of, Helen Mirren. This woman makes me feel things I didn’t know I could feel- a) I want to be her b) I might want to be with her and c) I want to stare at her all day and glow in her perfection.

Not a lot of women can do that to me.



This kind of brought back nightmares of the ‘frocks’ my mom stuffed me into as a kid, but I like that she looks like a perfect combination of cute and beautiful girl instead of ‘I’m a kid who wants to look grown up and sexy’. I might be partial because I love Alex.



Oh ok Haley, I love you too. It’s hard not to with all this beautiful lace and you handled the zipper malfunction like a pro.

Luke is still my favourite Dunphy kid though.



Octavia Spencer is definitely my plus size favourite from last night, I think her dress and make up were soft, elegant and pretty, that dress was definitely made for curves. I’ve added this Tadashi Shoji dress to my Wedding Dress inspiration folder, thanks.



Julie Bowen in vintage Reem Acra: Added this to Number 1/ Omg Perfection/ ‘People might die from the beauty of this dress’ tags in my wedding dress folder.  Enough said.


More Reem Acra perfection!


Jessica Alba was gorgeous in Gucci. Just stunning!


Emma Stone in Lanvin: Who knew an eagle belt could be so chic?



I know a lot of experts are slamming Michelle Williams but the more I look at it, the more I like this. It’s not high glamour or super sexy but it’s cute and beautiful. Just like her! Plus. I’ve zoomed in enough to appreciate the Jason Wu dress. I’m still putting this in my win column because it’s nice to be different from everyone else, ( it has nothing to do with me tearing up during her speech).



I know this year was all about nudes and blush tones but I love bright colours. I love it when someone takes risks with colour and yellow is my favourite colour. Easiest win ever! Paula Patton is all kinds of beautiful and sunshine in this Monique Lhuillier gown.

2c9e8f35edd068a3_137131150_10.preview (1)

Reese is so effortless in this Zac Posen gown, I almost want to hate her.


Stunning Prada gown with cute tuxedo nails? Marry me Zooey!


More plus size perfection. Amber Riley looks sexy as hell!



Hello Tilda Swinton, I love your hair. You might not be the conventionally hottest belle at the ball but you are always YOU, no matter what. That is pretty awesome, especially in Hollywood. Keep being crazy talented, smart and amazing in hopes of creating a new breed of young Hollywood.



Salma Hayek was smoking hot, thankfully. I saw a couple of outfits from the Puss in Boots premiers last year and was hoping it was just a phase. You know this Gucci Premiere gown is made to flaunt curves, I would love to see this on a plus size fashionista, I really think the result would be just as stunning.


In my opinion, Charlize Theron was the best dressed. Some might say her face is a little too mature for this Dior feminine princess like creation but why not? Half the battle is rocking a gown effortlessly and she nails it to dreamy perfection. Soft, pretty, sexy and beautiful <3


Jessica Biel’s Elie Saab Couture dress was my all time favourite dress. I could write poems dedicated to the perfection and beauty that is this dress. Definitely one for the wedding dress inspiration folder!



I was not so impressed with these ladies. I love them and was looking forward to seeing them in something stunning. Booo.

At this risk of exposing how paranoid/ crazy I really am- this pattern reminded of the The Grudge girl ghost’s hair and suddenly this dress scares the crap out of me. Look closely.


Dear Connie Britton, I make the effort of religiously downloading torrents so I never miss your show, I even tell everyone I know about American Horror Story and share video clips of it on my facebook. I really wish you had put as much effort into your Golden Globes outfit.


Sorry, I’m not feeling Melissa McCarthy’s look. She is a beautiful woman but I think this Badgley Mischka dress ages her and makes her look so blah, lifeless, plain! She is a sexy lady with heaps of personality and this dress just doesn’t do her any justice.


Aaah! It feels so good to get that out of my system. So what do you think? Who was your favourite and your least favourite? We need to dish about the men as well, I mean, Adam Levine all dressed up? Come ON <3




  • It totally agree, LOVED Emma Stone LOOOOVED and all of the curvy girls looked great but yes Melissa was kind of boring to me. Looks like a dress off the racks not Badgley Mischka

  • I love Helen Mirren, and feel very much like you about her.
    I fell in love with Emma Stone in Lanvin, and there is somthing about Tilda Swinton that I adore.
    Great choice.

  • emilie

    i just red all your posts about your outfits. I really think you're fantastic,creative and super girl!! i like all your posts….just saty as you are. kisses from france,

    a fan of your style.


  • i did my own post on my blog.. check it out! i think we only had one similar: diane lane. gosh, she looked so gorgeous! BUT to be fair, i actually didn't see amber riley, but i thought she looked great on the photo you posted. octavia spencer looks amazing too; it just wasn't one of my favorite looks. and alex from modern family looked so adorable and age appropriate in her dg dress!

  • Alexandra Hoover

    LOVE that Octavia Spencer dress! (Well, and her haha)

  • I agree with everything you said!!! I love Emma's dress the best, I think. Ooooor Salma!

  • Hanane Fathallah

    Loved Charlize's dress. Her outfit simply reflects glamour, femininity and poise. Beautiful!
    I really liked Amber Riley's dress. But which personal stylist decided to dress Melissa McCarthy? She is quite the fun personality: she is got spirit and this dress shows none! It is also making her bust look formless and weird. I am sure she would have looked more fab in something vivid (away with that spinach-green color) and less straight/plain. Plus-size have to keep rockin' the runways, the catwalks, the red carpets 🙂 and the streets…

  • grownandcurvywoman

    I didn't pay attention to Tilda Swinton's dress until now. It's gorgeous! I love the accessories . She never conforms to Hollywoods impossible standards. Kudos to her!

    Melissa McCarthy needs to get with Queen Latifah's stylist ASAP! That dress did nothing for her. It was if she was trying to hide & not stand out.

  • Dawnie P

    I love this post! You picked a lot of my favourites from the night, I thought Tilda looked amazing! And absolutely 100% hot on Charlize Theron, also the plus size girls were so amazingly sexy whoever styled them did brilliantly. Like you I was not a fan of the Melissa McCarthy dress at all, it was the most frumpy unflattering thing I have EVER seen her wear. She needs to sack whoever styled her.

    Love it


  • Maitrayee

    Tilda Swinton's dress is definitely my style twin. But Octavia Spencer's dress reminded me of the emerald dress you wore to the wedding in Goa. 🙂

  • I love Charlize Theron, but I think that Jessica Biel was the Best Dressed!  I also loved Emma Stone and Salma Hayek!  They were perfect!

  • Timeless Creazion

    Elie Saab was the designer inspiration the dress that our sister Anna wore on her wedding, immaculate designs…. was my choice heheheheh had to say it! <3 you should also check the fascinator head piece I made for her bridesmaid let me know what you think.