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Colours in the Sky

January 28, 2012






Peacocks jacket, River Island dress, Aldo shoes.

Yay for updating more often! *pats self on the back*

Also, I don’t know how true it is but I’d like to thank Google for the compliment!


I should’ve ironed this dress but oh well. I like that after these pictures, I threw off my heels and got into comfy flats but the outfit still looked pretty cool (in my opinion). I don’t think we’re ever going to get sick of maxis, they’re so comfortable and easy to dress. P.S I couldn’t have worn this dress without spanx!

We’re trying our hands at kayaking tomorrow so I’m going to get an early night. I hope you have a great Saturday!






  • Thank you for the kind comment on my blog 🙂 I love the colorblock look on you, and the photos are amazing!

  • I love your jacket! Also love your pink tips.

    P.S Your dress isn't wrinkle, can't tell if you ironed it or not 🙂

  • Lizlefebvre1979

    Just found your blog today. You're a very talented writer! Also, your photos are always so lovely – not only of you, but just the composition and colours themselves.

    I found you from another blog I read that linked to your "fat daughter" post of a few days ago and I read it all top to bottom, and was really moved by your words. I was ashamed to recognize myself among the "judgmental" types you describe. Even if I haven't said anything to the person, I have judged them silently about their weight. I don't want to be that person anymore, and I thank you for writing to eloquently on such an important topic.

  • LOVE this dress on you. you look gorgeous, luanne!

  • Shanticka Buchanan

    Whoa!! You look amazeballs in that dress!!! Perfection!! I want one!!! =D

  • You look gorgeous! I'm in love with those heels too. Amazing.

  • Oo Superbe robe et mm tenue complete !

    bon w end ;o)

  • So cool how your hair color matches the color blocks in the dress *_* also you look stunning in these colors and I wish I could pull of maxi dresses like you do!

  • People should coordinate their hair and outfits more often! 🙂
    Spanx are indeed a lifesaver.

  • Roseglen3

    Love the look

  • That dress looks absolutely amazing on you!

  • Rania M

    Both the dress and your smile are  GORGEOUS !

  • Jen Larsen

    you are outrageously fabulous and gorgeous.

  • Amy

    Amazing dress, and really inspiring fatspiration!

  • Honeysuckelle

    I love this maxi dress, the colors are really pretty. Great leather jacket and those heels are insane – well at least in my world they are since I can't even wear a kitten heel without complaining. You look gorgeous! Have fun with kayaking!


  • That dress is gorgeous on you! The colours are lovely & it is so fun!

  • ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING!! I have a similar dress, but keep avoiding it. I've only ever worn it once or twice. Need to get it out from the back of the closet, I think! 🙂 

  • lovelovefashion

    love the outfit! and your taste in shoes is as always divine, defintely inspired to get some!

  • This is SO cool, Lu'Anne! x

  • Best dress and outfit ever on you, dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  • Love how the pink in your hair goes with the pink in the dress! 

  • cerisevidal

    looking beautiful as usual Weesha xx

  • Hibz123

    you are so beautiful and i love your blog. i'm seriously going through every single post and your blog is very interesting. 😀


    Loooove this outfit!!! The heels & motorcycle jacket give it a tough girl edge. I know what you mean about maxi dresses. I wish I could wear them everyday!

  • Girl that maxi dress is GORGEOUS!! You look incredible! Kiah

  • I love everything about this outfit – fabulous!


    Stunning!! Love your hair!! 

  • hahaha I'm not the only one who takes the pictures with heels and then switches to flats 😛
    Love the dress! I'm still too chicken to try a maxi dress, mainly because I haven't found the right print…