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Winter Inspiration

December 11, 2011

It’s finally winter in Dubai, yay! I have to admit, I struggle dressing up in winter because I have a limited wardrobe for this season- it barely lasts for 3 months so there’s not much of a point in stocking up.
Nevertheless, it always help to look up creative inspiration and these bloggers do winter style beautifully!
All photos link to their source. Enjoy!
été indien10
dresstidos:<br /><br />Dolce &amp; Me<br />Abrigo/Coat: Blanco<br />Vestido/Dress: h&amp;m<br />Cinturón/Belt: Primark<br />Medias/Tights: Primark<br />Zapatos/Shoes: Blanco<br />
lookbookchubspo:<br /><br />…and then along came a wolf… (by Victoria India)<br />



  • Fabiola

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful blogs with us!!!


    Thank you my friend for spreading the love.
    I also live in a hot spot, and I do enjoy winter; although it doesn´t last long.

  • Shanticka Buchanan

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love ideas for layering and looking fab. As you know, I live in Minnesota, and it's Winter now. There is no relief until around March/April.

  • Thechicsisterscloset

    Great Inspiration…they all look so chic!

  • dreaminofme18
  • elenadevesa

    thakn you so much for including my picture, I love your blog so much.
    Its really an honor! 🙂

  • Alisalpimentel

    I'm coming to Dubai for New Years! Is it really going to be chilli? I'm hoping to wear summer clothes and hit up the beach! :-/

  • Oh wow, thanks for including me! You're so sweet and you know I love your style, babe xoxo Rikke

  • britt2k5

    now im following some of these fab ladies….thank you 🙂