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Wear it like a dream

October 2, 2011








Wallis blouse, Jane Norman pleated maxi skirt, New Look shoes

I am absolutely in love with these 3 pieces, it was love at first sight with the skirt, I mean just look at that dreamy flow and those pleats, and the colour!

I wish the pictures showed it better, but apart from the gorgeous colour, the heels of these shoes are covered in gold glitter. Border line stripper/ 70s disco I know but I thought they were too fabulous to pass up.

P.S I will be contributing to Skorch Magazine along with some amazing plus size bloggers so make sure you like Skorch on facebook to check out the new issues!

Enjoy your week/ weekend!



If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you’re always going to be disappointed.

– Madonna



  • MEmneina


  • Love the shirt, skirt, shoes, ah hell….I LOVE this WHOLE outfit!  Very cute!!

  • magnifique,quel style ! ;O)

  • Anita

    the skirt really is a dream, it looks so amazing flowing and just gorgeous! like something you just never wanna take off, i love flowing things like that, you look gorgeous i love how you paired it up with the purple shoes! 

    Anita Riot

  • Those shoes are hot!! And that skirt is adorable. Can't wait to see your feature on skorch. Congratulations!!!

  • Love the color-blocked top! I wasn't too sure about pleated skirts when I started seeing them everwhere, but this one looks amazing on you!

  • You look sooo chic in this outfit. I love how you didi the stripes instead of a solid color. Oh and those shoes are hot.

  • Hello, Ms. Longlegs! That skirt is so pretty, kinda like a dream, you're right.

  • Bonkasaurus

    i saw a skirt just like that at forever 21! and i wanted to buy it so badly but it was too long for 🙁

    -Bianca at

  • Oh my gosh!  I'm so in love with your skirt!  It's exactly what I've been looking for for the longest.  Gorgeous! And those shoes?!  Stunners.  

  • Beautiful! You just made me want to wear my pink pleated skirt tomorrow!

  • Myderniercri

    love this look is perfection

  • Gorgeous skirt, it's very flattering on you!

  • Sawsan

    Ma chérie!! You are so glamourous, so beautifull woman! Great outfit!!

  • amazing outfit! I love that I would never think to pair something like this together, but you inspire me to push those boundaries! 🙂

  • I have fallen in love with your shoes, just saying<3 x]

  • love this look! you look fabulous! 

  • Nuha

    such a cute outfit! i love that top 🙂

  • Indy

    Wow, those shoes!  Weesha is SEXY!

  • Chrysa

    Your skirt and heels are very feminine and have such beautiful colors! Great combination with your top:)

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