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A Simple White Dress & more!

October 13, 2011








Peacocks dress, New Look shoes

There’s nothing to say about this dress really, it’s just a super simple little thing that’s perfect for throwing on in a hurry. The boy did my hair, bless his patience and dexterity haha.

I’ve just moved in to my very own apartment, for most people this is probably something ordinary but for me, I could only ever dream of having my own place. Indian girl, live with your folks until you’re married, blah blah. That’s the usual story but work is paying off well and I decided to make the change. It’s crazy because setting up house is so time consuming (and expensive!) and I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my style, be it clothes or interiors.

Anyway, I can’t wait to show you pics 😀

Until then, I recently got to be a part of a super fun photo shoot with the fabulous Tina from Tinayums. Check out some of the pics ( keep in mind please, I am absolute CRAP at posing!)

LuAnneDsouza4 (2)


Fab bloggers Sarah and Chellibeans


You can read the interview here, you have to check out Tina’s blog– it’s one of the most happening blogs in Dubai 🙂

Enjoy your week, our weekend is here and I can’t wait to just sleeeeeeeeeeep!

Lots of hugs,





  • OMG The pictures are so stunning, you look fab and I must admitt that I think a short curly bob kind of hippie all over messy cut, would suit you so great! Cause your hair looks awesome in the pictures. Also I envy you for you awesome legs *_*

  • COOOOL! that dress is just so beautiful. I love simple things that look so effortless! YAY for your own place!! Share some pics when its all set up (if thats not to creepy and weird)

    mele xo

  • Shanticka Buchanan
  • Your hair is looking extra lovely in these pictures! The boy did a great job. 😉
    Yes, moving is tough! I know all too well. Hang in there. It will be sooo worth it in the end.

    I love the styling in your photo shoot, what a fun thing to do. Your posing is not that bad, it looks like you were living in the moment.

  • Love the pop of color the shoes bring to the dress. Good choice — and cute poses! 🙂 Sometimes it's so awkward posing, even if we've done a thousand times for our blogs, lol.

  • Emilie

    oh my gosh! you're wonderful on these pics! (as always, as always!)

  • Congrats on your apartment!! I'm loving the pics from the photoshoot! You look like a "real" model:)  And WOW, are you pretty!

  • Yay for the apartment!  Puerto Rican girls hear the same thing, so I understand what a big deal it is.  Love the dress and love the photo shoot pics.  And seriously, your boyfriend did your hair?!  LOVE IT!  

  • You look so beautiful!! I love the white dress on you & those shoes (!!!). Love your photo shoot!! Yellow is such a great color for you. Congratulations on your own apartment!!

  • So nice to have been featured in such good company – great to meet you and love your blog!


  • Chastity Valentine

    I love this look.  You look gorgeous!!!  Love it!

  • tu es tjr magnifique,la chance ;O)

  • Judit Gergely

    Girl, you got STYLE! Your blog is awsesome!  

    blogger Plus Size Life

  • love the colored heels you paired that dress with!!

  • sweet_paddy1

    you're my idol