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A Simple Summer Dress

August 14, 2011











Dress from Matalan, wedges from New Look, Bag from Aldo

This isn’t really a spectacular outfit, it’s so simple but I guess that’s why I like it.

I love the pretty crochet details around the neckline and the floaty sleeves, The dress is more of a cream shade in real life so it looks a bit vintage It’s just an effortless dress for summer 🙂

So, I have some news for you and a favour to ask for too. I’ve been selected to participate in this awesome competition hosted by AMD for a prize involving a trip to the States! They also gave me a brand new AMD APU based Vaio notebook, which my new kitteh Mara Jade had gladly obliged to look after when I’m not using it <3


I’ve been looking to upgrade my rusty old laptop for a while now because  of all the photography and graphics designing work I do. So, needless to say,  I love my AMD APU based notebook! And I’m not just saying that because of it’s handy compact size and pretty pink colour 🙂

So, who is AMD?

AMD designs microchips found in desktop and notebook PCs and popular game consoles like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. These microchips let you to watch a movie, video chat, etc 

What is VISION Technology from AMD? 
VISION Technology from AMD features the new A–Series APU for smooth, streaming movies in HD and and you can watch it in crystal-clear 1080p. It also lets you edit images and HD videos like a pro and enjoy gaming in Brilliant HD.

AMD E-Series processors are APUs which stands for Accelerated Processing Unit; the graphics processor and the CPU are on the same chip. A-Series APU-based notebooks feature multi-core CPU performance and up to 400 AMD Radeon™ graphic cores. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and brawn—delivering smooth HD video, powerful multitasking and energy efficiency.

Granted that I’m no geek but the boy, who runs is the ultimate geek, and was pretty impressed (and jealous hehe) about my shiny new AMP APU based notebook. The only thing stopping him from stealing it off me is the fact that it’s pink so good call on that AMD, lol.

Here’s where I need your help: The contest requires all contestants to acquire as many votes as possible, so I would be grateful if you could click here to vote for me and answer the 3  super easy option based questions. Pretty Please! If I win, I stand the chance to visit the US and maybe even win a cash prize, how amazing would that be??

Thank you so much in advance and feel free to help me win by spreading the word with your readers, fans, followers, etc. I really hope I get to win! *fingers crossed*

Lots of love and hugs,




  • Swiatasi

    Weesha, You look so nice 🙂
    I have the same laptop just in blue 🙂

  • That dress is lovely! It look so effortlessly and elegant! By the way I love that new header, its so cool!

  • I'll vote and I hope you win!

    You look beautiful in that creamy white dress! xxx

  • Just thought I'd add that the link for voting goes to an error sorry page.

  • Love it!!! There is nothing more comfortable and pretty than a simple white dress in summer and it looks so good with sandals! I have a feeling I will be wearing something similar this summer 🙂

  • tres jolie tenue tu es resplendissante en tout cas !

  • Dr. Reginia

    You look adorable. The dress seems so cool and the sandals are perfect. This is the greatest summer look.

  • Lookin' good! You have such an incredible shoe collection, and I love the simple dress.

  • Magatha May

    I am completely in love with your shoes – fab

  • SarahAJS

    Are you allowed to where this in Dubai?

  • This dress looks amazing on you! and that bag is adorable! I never noticed you had tattoos until now.

    -Bianca at

  • Hello Weesha. You have one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. I love the whole look of you in this ensemble. Dress does not deflect from your own beauty. It actrually compliments it. Your smile look confident and happy. Love the whole look~

  • eleanor tayam

    Looove your dress! you look so cute in it! 😀

  • I want your shoes! 🙂

  • I'm in the same boat as some others. Each time I click on the link, or any other link on that website, I get a blank page that reads, "sorry." 🙁

  • You look gorgeous! Your dress is so pretty! And look at your kitty looking all cute & mischievous! <3

  • Simple outfits are the most gorgeous.

  • Cely_belly

    Great post! I want your bag! ha ha and good luck with the competition 🙂 I shall tweet this!

  • Cely_belly

    Great post! I want your bag! ha ha and good luck with the competition 🙂 I shall tweet this!

  • I followed the link but all I got was a head and "sorry" text. No place to vote.

  • Courtney

    Congrats on being sketched!

    I Can Be Many Things

  • Your dress is so pretty! It just looks light and airy. I clicked the link but it just said "sorry".  I hope I am not too late to vote.  I try again, if it is not too late.

  • You're fabulous, your red lipstick is fabulous, and the fact that you named your kitten Mara Jade is fabulous. 🙂

  • Lizel Noronha

    Belle… would ttly wear it Lu..

  • Loooove that dress!  And I tried to vote, but apparently I can't from Costa Rica.  So lame!