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Nothing’s ever fair in love and war

August 7, 2011














Forever 21+ skirt, Deira souq’s top, ASOS shoes.

                                I’m guessing you can tell from these pictures that I love this skirt 🙂 The only con is that it sheds, so if you happen to come across a few thin, black strips of fabric, Weesha was there!

My love life is still absolute crap, today he claimed that I’m just obsessed with finding Mr Perfect which makes no sense because if that was true, I wouldn’t have dated him for more than a year. I’m sorry but what next? If a dude cheats on me, I’m supposed to forgive him because I shouldn’t hold on to Mr Perfect?

Mr Perfect isn’t this flawless prince who we dream of. He is a man who makes us happy (for most of the time, anyway), he makes us feel blessed to have him in our lives even with his flaws. He accepts us for who we are and never ever dreams of causing us any unhappiness. You think your relationship will last because he shows just as much commitment, hard work, respect and love as you do. That’s not a fairy tale dream, that’s wanting to be with someone who is good to you, worthy of you and brings joy to your life. Because if it’s not that then why the hell even bother? Life is tough enough without being dragged down by someone else’s negative shit. I don’t need to be with someone, I choose to be with someone out of love, nothing else.

I am a warrior and I’ll bounce back. I have an amazing family and wonderful friends, I don’t need to waste my time on anyone who keeps enforcing negativity on me or doesn’t realise my true worth. Screw that.

Ok, ok back to happy things- This skirt! *cue shimmying*

fringe skirt

Lots of love,




  • mizztia18

    Love your blog!
    Im so a new follower!
    Love the shoes and the skirt…took my breathe away!

  • what a beautiful skirt!

  • Courtney

     What an amazing skirt…and post.

    This just made me tear up. Mr Perfect is EXACTLY what you have described, real, tangible and possible. You deserve that love and commitment from someone. NO ONE should stay with someone who gives any less.

    You are a warrior! Stay strong girl! Brava for being sketched by Viz Basix! Congrats!!

    I Can Be Many Things

  • I am loving your hair pulled back like this!

  • u look amazing .. love ur outfit! xx

  • u loook amazing here.. love ur outfit xx

  • Lizel Noronha


  • Lizel Noronha



    I love those shoes! and the skirt!

  • Love the skirt!

  • SVF


  • Alexandra Hoover

    This is such a rockstar outfit! LOVE the skirt, the shoes, the whole combination!!!

    And I agree. Our idea of "perfect" is far from what many guys and some girls even like to think. And I don't think there is any reason we should ever settle for anything less than that! You are an amazing woman for embracing this ideal, because so many women don't realize this until it's too late.

  • Joy Auguste


  • You freaking rock, my dear. This outfit is amazing, I love everything about it and I wanna snatch it right of your back, LOL. Beautiful! I admire you for sharing your life with us and for standing up for yourself. You deserve the World and more, don't take shit from no one. Those aren't unrealistic demands, those are a natural part of a healthy relationship, and a worthy man would acknowledge that and offer you the Moon on a silver plate. You are one in a million. Your man should treat you that way! I'm proud of you!

  • the skirt looks amazing on you!!! i love the combination of the skirt and the shoes. perfect.

  • Charming Pumpkin

    Amen to that! I faced similar accusations and negativity before I met Mr. CP, and my general take was very similar to yours. It basically amounted to "F off!" And you're absolutely right: your Prince Charming won't be perfect (how frustrating would it be if he was? Ugh!), and he'll still upset you sometimes, but he'll love you unconditionally for being exactly who you are. Mr. CP and I both agree that we're together not because we need to be — not because we're compelled to be — but because we want to be together, and that is, at least to me, infinitely more romantic. =) So chin up, and good for you on knowing exactly what you do (and don't!) deserve! Okay, enough with the soap box.

    Love this outfit! You look so… well, fierce, really. That skirt is fantastic. I'd be shimmying around constantly.


  • Once again, I agree with everything you said 🙂 You definitely shouldn't be with someone who brings around a lot of negativity, life is too short for that. Now on to this amazing outfit. I've already confessed my absolute love for these shoes. They're just stunning. You look really amazing 🙂

  • You look amazing!!! Love the colors in that top. Sorry to hear about the mishaps in your love life. Things will get better. Keep ya' head up hun! Stay strong and hold your ground. And do not let him make you feel like whatever you're going through is your fault. Mr. Perfect will come along soon. Take this break to reflect on yourself.


  • Kara Johnson

    love the skirt and the shoes! You are too beautiful to deal with BS.. you said it best, "screw you"

  • this is a skirt with life in it!

  • Lindsay Johnston

    The best revenge is a life well lived.  And yes, you look great!  Love that top.

  • You're absolutely right; you don't need anyone and if you want to be with someone it's of your own choosing and that someone has to choose to treat you well, too. It's selfish of him to accuse you of looking for mr. right when he's the one letting you down, not the other way around.

    You look fantastic, that blouse is beautiful and that skirt is very sexy-chic 🙂  xxx

  • I love that gorgeous top! And your beautiful shoes! None of the demands you have for a relationship are unrealistic in the slightest. It is not too much to expect that your partner will support you, respect you, and put as much effort into the relationship as you do. You don't need people like that – you are fabulous, and there is someone else out there just as fabulous for you!

  • Houda

    You know what you're heart is telling you. Listen to it. 

  • Houda

    your! I meant your! I also wanted to say that it doesn't matter who you are or what you believe, you deserve to be treated well, and cheating does not mean that you are being treated well.  Love you Weesha!

  • j adore ton top,jolie tenue ;O)

  • Kerry

    what you ask for is more then reasonable, it is not "mr perfect" we search for its "mr perfect for each of us" and each of us deserves our own mr perfect. Someone that believes in mutual respect, that will be there to hold our hand when we are afraid, prop us up when life gets us down, tell us that we are loved – every single day (heck multiple times a day), listen to us when we are excited about something and when we want to vent, this person is the perfect fit for us. (there will be compromise ofcourse, but the type-  of what furniture to choose, sport vs fahion on the TV, what to have for dinner, needing to visit the parents when youd rather stay home, etc etc  – NOT playing around) . mr perfect for you is out there, and he will come along just when you least expect it. In the meantime, you know what to do, leave the past behind and keep being your fabulous self!!!!

  • you look amazing! i love your shoes… so fierce! definitely following 🙂

    sarah rose

  • Antonia

    Such an amazing skirt! I really like it!!^^
    Hope to see you on our blog! 🙂

  • hi.. I see you on lookbook and i think that you are very fashion and pretty.. thanks 4 ginving inspiration to all girls arround the world.. oh sorry My name is Daiane Ensis and im from Brazil.. im studing fashion in technical course.nice blog.. and a love this skirt (maybe i will make one 4me..)

  • Dr. Reginia

    Those shoes are calling my name. I love them. I see so many bloggers get things from ASOS. I am putting that on my thing to do for wall. This outfit is so fiesty. Love it.

  • Weesha, You are so adorable and you are looking fabulous! that skirt is awesome. I have been looking for a skirt like that but have failed to find one, I'm thinking of making my own like the one Michelle Phan did in her fringe tutorial. hmm

    as for the men issue, if he can't make you happy then he isn't the right one.  Its not about being mr perfect its about having standards for yourself and knowing that someone can't make the cut. clearly this guy can't perform under pressure. You are worth much more.

    -Bianca at

  • Yasmin Mebar

    You're inspiring Lu and what a warrior you truly are. I trust you'll bounce right back (if you haven't already!) and be the force that you are. And on top of all that, you are looking wonderful <3

  • Love the Skirt!!!