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Take a Bow

July 3, 2011







DSC_0782  DSC_0791






Forever21+ dress, Forever21 clogs, New Look headband, Also bag

I have been so anti wearing black lately but come on, isn’t this dress cute? And I love how easy it is to wear! All you need are a few accessories and some cute lipstick! I like the material, it’s good for summer and I have a stupid little secret for you- I can wear ruffle sleeves like these but I’m STILL TOO CHICKEN TO GO FULL ON SLEEVELESS. Sigh* I tell myself, “ Luanne, (I don’t call myself Weesha hehe) you wear bikinis to the beach yet you continue to deprive yourself of strappy summer dresses?”

I don’t know what it is but I’m consoling myself with the fact that even wearing a dress like this is progress for me. It helps that I think the dress is so cute I couldn’t not get it just because of a stupid insecurity. While editing these pictures, I only just noticed that I have stretch marks on my arms but whatever, everyone has stretch marks.


I have a second interview tomorrow for this job I’ve been after for a while. Fingers crossed for me please, and if you’re hoping and dreaming of something too, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying for you too <3


Lots of love and positive thoughts your way,






  • Alita

    such Such SUCH an inspiration you are! <3

  • weldone girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GFS

    Girl, we have all things that we dislike on ourselves…it's human nature! I never used to wear sandals but finally decided "You know what, atleast have feet…somebody in the world doesn't!"

    LOL! PS…I worship Adele!

    You look gorgeous lady!

  • Rikkchen

    You look adorable! I love how you styled the outfit. Very cute. I know about insecurities when it comes to showing your arms (or legs), but this summer I've decided I won't let it hold me back. So I just wear sleaveless tops and dresses as much as I can and I'm actually getting used to it and feeling comfortable (and confident) in most of them now. So you can definitely do it!!! But congrats on your progress, I'm proud of you. And you are beautiful, my dear! 
    xoxo Rikke

  • Olga Fiksińska

    Nice dress, awesome shoes and I love your tattoos:)

  • j adore ta robe,top classe ! 

    bonne semaine ;O)

  • silvergirl

    wow ur so cute with your dress 🙂

  • I love the coral trim and bow on the black dress.  That's the kind of dress that could end up being a favorite.  Adele's quote is very refreshing and it inspires me just to read it!  Debbie

  • sanxi

    I love Adele's words!!! And of course your dress is sublime! Love the sleeves, fit so well with the bows and those shoes are dreamy… Have a super week! 😀

  • Always Summer

    Weesha,  First  of all good luck and I'm praying for you.  I love the dress, but know exactly what your saying about  your arms, I never go sleeveless, the shirt I have on today is about as risky as it gets, and I live in a really hot place as well.  I see people who don't bat an eyelash over showing arms way bigger than my but I am self-conscious, does that make me a narcissist?  Isn't Adele great?  Love the quote, what a powerful woman at such a young age. 
    PS.  Love your bow!

  • You look so sweet and pretty. I love that dress

  • boopnut39

    You look so cute.  Love the dress!  I know how you are about sleeves….I can relate.  I love Adele too!

  • You have such a great profile!
    Good on you for taking a step in the right, arm baring direction! I have strecth marks on my arms too, btw.
    Fingers crossed, and wishing you good luck in your interview!

  • You look so gorgeous! I love the pretty dress, the shoes and the final beautiful detail: the bow!

  • You look lovely! Love that your lipstick and nail polish matches the trim of the dress perfectle, very pretty!

    I',, keep my thumbs and toes up for you, hope the interview goes well! I'm sure it will, just be your charming and smart self and it will all just work out fine for you darling! xxx

  • Delnite

     love this ……and all the best .. mmmwah

  • Love this dress, looks so great on you, and the fabulous clog sandals and the splash of matching lipstick finish it off perfectly, 
    all the best with the interview, I have just landed a job i have been coveting for months and am sooooo excited, i truly believe there is something in the air that is helping peoples dreams come true, as i have been hearing a lot of positive feedback from many people i know who are having things go their way after some waiting, they have been landing dream jobs, moves, salary increases, pregnancies etc.
    I hope this positive "dream wever" vibe works for you,
    luck to you 

  • That dress is gorgeous – although, nowhere near as gorgeous as you! Good luck on the job front. I really hope you get some good news!

  • This dress looks adorable on you! I have the same one in the blue version 🙂 Good luck with the interview!

  • tanviswar

    I adore your hair! Mine looks only remotely like that and that's if I spray it and curl it with my straightener! 🙁
    Question- have you ever tried wearing a turband? What do you think of them and how would you wear it? (- hair up, hair down, etc.)

  • tanviswar

    Ooo Good luck on the interview 🙂

  • Szafa Sikory

    Beutiful dress and nice shoes.You look great in this outfit.

  • I love love love this dress, it looks so cute and comfy, and the bow is just the perfect touch!

  • Roseglen

    You look great as always, love Adele word, good luck

  • You look beautiful dear, I love these photos & lovely dress. xo

  • It looks beautiful on you! I absolutely love the bow.

  • That dress looks amazing on you!