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Love is a striking example of how little reality means to us.

July 28, 2011
















Dress from, earrings from Aldo, shoes from Steve Madden, Assorted bracelets from India & Syria


This is the first item from and if everything else they sell is as comfortable and tailor made for curves as this dress, then I am totally sold. They were nice enough to send me this lovely dress for a review so here goes:

I fell in love with the print, the 70s boho vibe and the non- frumpy sleeves. I don’t wear sleeveless yet so I’ve noticed that the wrong ones can sometimes make a dress look like a night gown, y’know.

Anyway, the stretchy, light fabric means it fits like a dream and has been worn several times for summer comfort. I got loads of compliments too 😀 The only negatives for me were the length, I’m 5’7 and it doesn’t cover my ankles. I would’ve liked it to be longer. And the neckline can show a little too much cleavage if you’re not ok with that. I’m ok with that at a party or something, not in a mall or visiting my parents so I used a safety pin to fix that. Easy stuff.


Seriously, I love how it fits me. I love the flowy sleeves and the print. It’s a lovely dress <3 Gotta shop more from!


I’m a lot better than I was a week ago, I’m staying strong, being patient and giving second chances although all this is covered with low expectations and pessimism. You can’t really blame me though, at this stage it’s important for me to look after myself as nobody else seems to care enough.

A wise person once told me to always look out for myself because nobody else will, and this holds so true. I consider myself a feminist yet I’m surprised by how much I want someone to take care of me, occasionally spoil me and treat me like I’m something special. I like being dependant and taken care of by him.

Do you think that’s a brainwashed idea of love that we’re fed, or do you think it’s normal to want to be somebody’s queen? I’ve been focusing so much on being self reliant and strong even though I know I’ll give it up in an instant to be a princess lol.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately.


Hoping to have a good weekend, I hope you do too 🙂







  • mizztia18

    Love this look.
    Your gorgeous!
    I agree with your thoughts on love as well. 

  • Natalia

    Such a gorgeous outfit. Your earrings are awesome and suit the dress really well. I also love your hair!

  • GFS

    You look fabulous!!!

  • You look so sophisticated! I love the red lip 🙂

  • Wow, you look gorgeous! LOVE the hair and the earrings. And those shoes are FAB!

  • Lindsay Johnston

    Fabulous!  I love that print.  You're rocking it.  The best revenge is a life well lived… I always go by that one.

  • Waw perfect dress.

  • What a gorgeous dress!Wonderful!

  • That looks wonderful on you. Now I'm going to have to try a maxi dress.

  • guest

    Hey just stumbled on your blog.  Love, love your style! You look gorgeous and love the bright red lipstick! Perfect with the dress!

  • Mele2541

    Weesha you look so beautiful!! Amazing shoes <3

  • boopnut39

    Love the look!  LOVE the shoes…awesome!  The whole outfit is gorgeous.

  • Weesha

    Thank you so much 😀

  • Weesha

    Thank you Ariana 🙂 I love red lips, instant pick me for any outfit or a crappy day!

  • This look is absolute perfection! I love everything: your hair, lipstick, dress, shoes, SHOES! (had to mention again), and accessories. Love it so much! I might try out Style369, but not sure if their clothing will fit or not. I gotta try though!

  • Weesha

    Thank you 😀 I love Steve Madden shoes <3

  • Weesha

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂 and thank you for the compliments, I think red lips are a universal feel good look for anyone!

  • Weesha

    Thanks Lexy! The hair was actually a cover up for a bad hair day hehe, good to know it looked nice!

  • Weesha

    oh you must! I resisted first because I thought I would look frumpy but there are so many gorgeous styles, I love them now! Not to mention the comfort factor 😀

  • Love the shoes

  • Late At The MET

    Also love the way you carry yourself. Beautiful!

  • I completely agree with you thoughts on love. My husband treats me like his queen, but I also know that I'm okay without him. I think real love is knowing that while your life doesn't completely suck without him, you know it's so much better when he's there. My life definitely is. It's not being dependent or independent. it's just being human and knowing that sometimes, needing someone isn't a bad thing.
    Second chance are usually a good thing. Most of us would be by ourselves without them. Caution paired with a second chance is good, as well. All i think it means is that you're giving the chance for someone to show that they're ready to earn your trust back. Not just giving trust back without cause. Good luck with whatever is going in your life. Sorry, I didn't read the post you were referencing when you started talking about that.
    Also, that dress looks great on you, very flattering. My eldest sister would love that. And your shoes… Those are fabulous. So  sexy and chic. I love them.

  • Thickthreads

    i love this dress! it is so ethno chic! absolutely adorable you look fabulous darlin!


  • What a pretty dress! You look super beautiful, and thos ehsoes are amazing!

    I am like that, too, you know. I know I can manage on my own, but I feel it comforting to have someone who wants to take care of me. Brings me water, helps around at home, gives me back massages… And I don't think there's anything wrong with that, just as long as we know we can be as independent as we want to. There's a difference.

  • Ceylan

    I love your shoes ! You are really very beautiful 🙂


  • You are so incredibly stylish!

    Your words have come at a great time for me. I've been going through a tough time with friends which is in some twisted way, similar to what you're feeling. Just not having them care and you just wanna give up on people. I'm so glad you're trudging through and being positive. Positivity will move you forward and bring healing, negativity will get you nowhere.
    Keep on taking care of yourself! 🙂

  • So…?Fragrance

    I've just discovered this blog and what a surprise! I really like it, it is so fresh, and so many nice outfits. Great work 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous dress… Love the way you're carrying it off!!!
    New here and in love with your blog.
    Will be very happy if you visit mine…
    Fashion Panache

  • I really love this dress, the pattern has me sold. You are definitely doing this dress justice 🙂
    & I hope that everything gets so much better for you. We all secretly wanna be pampered and treated like royalty, it just feels so nice…I won't deny that! But I guess to expect it most of the time would be too optimistic 🙂 But on the bright side, when getting treated really well you treasure it so much because it doesn't happen that often. 

  • Indy

    Wow, when I saw this in my dashboard preview it looked like you had super short hair!  I was like, ohmygoodness she looks SO AMAZING!  Then I clicked on it and I see that it is only pulled back.  Well, either way, dear you look so gorgeous.  Love.

  • Weesha you look BEAUTIFUL darling! I am so in love with that dress!! Those shoes are the!! Earrings are fabulous too! This entire look is FIERCE!! Kiah

  • samille ganges

    u look beautiful in these pics and girl!!!  Those shoes!!!

  • Charmingpumpkin

    I stumbled upon your blog by way of Lookbook, and instantly bookmarked it. I keep stalking style369's site checking out their maxis. This one looks absolutely stunning on you! At any rate, I love your blog, and can't wait to see what you post next!


  • Rosy

    Is it true that u r dating a married guy wid 2 daughters ??