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Yep, it’s summer alright.

May 14, 2011

Dubai is back to it’s usual self- scorching sun, humidity and hot winds combined with freezing offices, malls and living rooms.

So how do we cope? We dress for comfort of course.


These pictures remind me of a about a year ago, I’d take a lot of pictures on the balcony or in my room because posing in public was just so awkward  for me (it still is!)



Y’know I still have moments where I hesitate about showing my chubby arms. I think it’s more of yourself worrying about other people bitching about them but there will always be someone bitching about something because they’re those kind of people. Thankfully, I have more moments where I think “Forget it, be your own fabulous”.



I’ve never been into pants, especially during summer because of one specific reason- ventilation! See? skirt swishes and flies. Jeans/ pants cling. I have always found skirts more comfortable 🙂


I love these babies, just so bright and cheerful!



top (dress) from, Skirt from Jeanswest, Shoes from New Look


I’ve had to extend my notice at work for 2 more weeks because they’re having trouble finding a replacement. It sucks because I’m just so tired- I’m dying for a break. But the positive side is I’ll earn a little more cash I suppose. Fingers crossed.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend, take some time out for you Red heart


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  • Wow, such a nautically chic color palette! You look lovely! Love that smile!

  • Love that dress and the shoes are frickin awesome!!!!! You always look good, but I want that outfit, even if I can't walk in the shoes…LOL

  • My dear Weesha, I think we worry ourselves about showing bits that we don´t like, but other people don´t notice them as much. Sometimes we are our worst enemy.
    You are beautiful and a true inspiration.

  • you're pins are great and worth wearing a dress for! as for the mean-spirited folk of this Earth I'm with ya, no good / use wasting precious energy on them:)


  • this look is soooo summery and pretty! I am just like you when it comes to showing my arms, but it's so true, people will always have something to say no matter what. You're so strong, and a true inspiration. MashAllah!!


  • I love the shape of that dress, and the vertical stripes! The shoes are gorgeous, of course (almost as gorgeous as the person wearing them)), shoe art!

  • j aodre ton haut,et bravo pour l association !

  • I want that skirt! It looks so light and airy and the little pockets on the side – love! Also – those shoes. They're a show-stopper. You look amazing AS ALWAYS.

  • Lol. Ventilation is VERY important. Especially i you have the thighs that like to stick together.

    As always, love your outfit choices <3

    Audrey W.
    What A Pretty Face

  • GORGEOUS! Looking fabulous as always. I love that dress, and the adorable red shoes go so well with it, especially tied in with that red lipstick! And I know what you mean about hating pants, I'm allll about dresses- ESPECIALLY in the summer!

  • Man, I know about the arms thing. I have those odd moments too. The day I took my last outfit photos I was so conscious about wearing short sleeves! Also, love that dress/top!

  • I love those amazing shoes! Absolutely divine. I'm also a fan of your gorgeous tattoo.

    Don't let the haters get you down. Show off those amazing arms if you want to! You're gorgeous, and anyone who would talk shit about your arms isn't worth knowing.

  • First of all I LOVE the shoes!
    Secondly, Your arms are not chubby they are just fine:)
    Thirdly, Your fashion sense and the way you wear your clothes is admirable. Alot of people (sometimes including me) are ashamed of showing off their legs or other parts because of the plus size thing… you are doing an awesome job motivating alot of women Ms. Weeshas World:)

  • I just love the shoes. They look very nice with the rest of your outfit. Red and blue/white – awesome!

    I'm impressed by the picture of birds in a cage!

  • Kat

    Embrace yourself, because there is only one You! And You are beautiful!
    Loving your dress, shoes lipstick!! And your hair is beautiful!!

  • i'm totally loving your shoe collection! i wish i could wear heels like you but my max is about 2.5". keep rocking them!

  • You look lovely! Love the dress and shoes!

  • You look lovely! Love the dress and shoes!

  • You look so gorgeous darling! I thought that was a dress! Super cute pairing the stripes with that top. I feel the same way about my arms too girl. I NEVER show them. The older the get the more I'm getting over it! Hope you are well! Kiah

  • Those legs were made for skirts. I only wear skirts, love them

  • aaaah finally a real women blogger in Dubai!! it's the first time i see your blog and I'll follow it cause i liiiike iiiiiit!!!

    please take a look at my blog too and don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

  • oh my goodness, i love your dress! so adorable! and those shoes!!!!! must haves! looking great!


  • marcela

    his clothes are beautiful!