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May 29, 2011



 DSC_0530   DSC_0517feetDSC_0525

Matalan dress, Aldo bag, Koton belt, Sandals from Deira Souq


I’ve stocked up on quite a few summer dresses, comfort is key of course so they have to go well with flats and heels. I’m leaning more toward sandals now because it’s hot and looking good while trying not to melt is hard enough without having the comfort of flats. Plus, they’re a good way to show off pretty pedicures 🙂


I love the bird print on this dress and would prefer it unbelted actually but that would be a little too plain for a blog post.

I’m also wearing MAC’s Russian Red which ended up being messy unlike my Sephora lipsticks. I mean, there was lipstick everywhere so I don’t think I’m going to wear it often. So confused and disappointed MAC!


I usually share a quote or picture towards the end but today I’m going to share what always makes me smile no matter how crappy my day has been:




DSC_0506  DSC_0507

This gives you a good idea of how big they are now!



Yep, Ryder is one of those “draw me you like you draw those French girls” cats.



Seriously, these booboos (their pet name) are my babies.


I hope your weekend went/ is going well 🙂


Lots of hugs,




  • jolie tenue,et tu as l air d avoir vraiment beau temps en plus ;O)

    et gros plus pour tes chats,quelles poses ! ;O)

  • That dress is so cool, I love the bird print and the color is perfect for you. Also I always fell like red lipstick looks so natural on you, that is awesome!

    Your kittens are so cute, too. Little posers.

  • My dear friend, you look glorious. Loving your bird dress, so Miu Miu, your sandals, and that fabulous bag.
    Such cute babies.
    I see you still have WORD VERIFICATION.

  • Nice site Lu. It's my first visit. I could do with a few pointers. I'm fashion-faux-pas-a-day person :p

  • You look so nice. Yesterday I read your entire blog from the very 1st post and I love it. Your style is always so fresh and unique. I really liked your post geared toward new/future bloggers. That really hit home for me because I'm a new blogger. Very helpful advice. Thanks for sharing your insight. You truly inspired me to become a better blogger (and to post more outfit post <3)


  • I love your bird dress! So pretty! I also wear MAC Russian Red. It usually does fine for me but most reds do tend to run or be messy. Kiah

  • You look sensational! Love your red lipstick! And your mischievous kittens are too cute! <3

  • You look wonderful! That dress is very pretty and red lipstick suits you so well! And aawww, aren't they cute! xxx

  • Simplicity is best sometimes! Very cute dress, love the print. I totally love your bag as well!

  • Bird print dresses have been circulating around the blog sphere for a while now and while I've seen so many, I think this is one of the nicest and most unusual ones so far, you look gorgeous 🙂

    And, those cats of yours are ADORABLE, their posing is hilarious 😛

  • Simply beautiful…. I love the last shot…xo chic mamasita!

    mele xo

  • You look gorgeous in these pictures, and I love how nicely the red lipstick complements the colour of your dress. It's a pity about the lipstick smearing everywhere, I love my MAC lipsticks and have never had them smudge.

  • You look so lovely. I also like the bird print on the dress. & I think the belt was a cute addition. &&&& your kittehs are sooo cute!

  • you look lovely and your kitten, what can I say they are so cute

  • You look so pretty! And I love that your lipstick matches your belt. Oh, and Titanic!!

  • Those cats are just too much. I love them.

    Also, your dress SO reminds me of one I saw at F21+ a long time ago. I'm sure they copied it from that one, but I still regret not getting it. You look super cute.

  • Hi,

    I just came across your blog and I love it! You look really pretty and I love your style. Am following you!

    You should check out my blog sometime!

    (^_^) Dionne

  • ta robe est superbe, et elle te vas très bien.
    Très jolies photos

  • EinFairy