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If dresses had wings

May 9, 2011






ASOS dress and shoes, Splash bangles


God bless ASOS for making me feel awesome! I wore this dress to the Snoop Dogg concert (which was awesome as expected) and it’s actually really good for Dubai summers. I like it’s abstract form and shape versus the typical dress, yknow?

The shoes are only worn for blog pictures because a) I can barely walk in them and b) My soul dies a little if they get a smudge of dirt on them. I will preserve them for life because I’m part psycho like that!


The City Chic giveaway is still going on so you can still post a favourite picture of yourself on my facebook page. Check out the entries so far, they’re so lovely!


Only 9 more days until I’m 25 years old and 23 more days until my last day at work! I could live without the whole turning 25 thing, pfft!


I hope you’re having a great day 🙂


Lots of Love,






  • Gorgeous darling!! 🙂 Don't worry about turning 25, it's just a number. It's how young you feel on the inside that matters. :))

  • Racheal Barnes

    Beautiful!! As a curvy girl, you sure do inspire me!! And I LOVE those shoes!! <3

  • My dear Weesha, you don´t need a dress with wings, you are a true fairy: beautiful and fearless in that fantastic outfit.
    Loving your hair and everything about you.
    Besos from Berlin.

  • Oh my Goodness!! You look so sensual.
    I haven't got enough english vocabulary for saying you how much you look divine hun'!!

  • You look AMAZING! And you are rocking that dress…I bet Snoop couldn't keep his eyes off of you! ;D

    Also, I'm officially in love with your hair!


  • You look fab, hun. You look like you're glowing even! Love the dress, love the shoes, love the girl! And don't worry about turning 25, it's 27 that's hard (LOL, 10 more days until I hit that number!)

    xoxo Rikke

  • Weesha,
    I am loving this look. Especially the shoes!!!!

  • Hello beauty,
    Thanks for your note. I really appreciate.
    Honnestly, j'adooooooooooooore this look. It is absolutly lovely.
    See you soon.

  • While I do adore the color and the bustline, *I* am not a fan of the abstract shape – to each her own. 🙂

  • You look hawt. Also our legs look almost identical! 😀

  • Those shoes are to die for.. I mean literally, I would hobble in those shoes just to say I wore them… Those are killer. You look adorable.

  • i love the color of your dress and those fablous studded ankle boots and your hair is beautiful! =)

  • your birthday is coming up? where to i mail the present?? 😀

  • hello beautiful 🙂 You look amazing in that dress, it's perfect for you! Also, you look like you're glowing! Can't believe you won those tickets, lucky girl! xxx

  • Pfft, who cares if you're 25? You're still totally rocking that beautiful dress!

  • je serais bien trop complexee pour porter ce genre de tenue mais tu es superbe dedans je t envie d oser sans probleme,bravo !!!

  • wow you look absolutely gorgeous girl! i love this on you. very sexy!


  • ahhhhhhh… You look amazing and your legs are killer in this dress!!

  • I like the color and the design of the dress. It gives curve to your size, the black tie makes your tummy in shape.

  • And I was thinking 'Did she really go to a concert in these heels??' Whew, you didn't.
    I can understand your feelings about the upcoming birthday. I am 25 in just 26 days and I would rather stay 24 for the rest of my life. Or better, 22. Can we turn back time?

  • The Merry Traveller

    Big love going out to you looking so fab here! (Sorry haha i am backdating my blog reading)