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Colour me with Summer

May 25, 2011

DSC_0468 DSC_0463

DSC_0466 DSC_0472DSC_0471

Matalan cardigan, Forever 21+ dress, Aldo bag, Dorothy Perkins shoes


  I’m wearing this to work today and I think the colours are emotionally infectious? My mood or spirit is on a natural prozac and I’m sure it has to do with feeling so good in a rainbow of colours! I might get rid of every black clothing item I own haha.

Speaking of colours, I went make up shopping recently because I needed to switch to Dubai’s omg-I’m-melting-to-death Summer mode.

I’ve switched from MAC’s Studio fix to their Pro Longwear foundation and concealer, just a little bit of course because there’s nothing worse than that mask feeling during sticky summer. They’re amazing of course, they last the entire day and looks so good! I think the concealer on it’s own is just perfect, you can skip the foundation, it’s that good!


I also bought two fabulous lipsticks from Sephora and I love them so much that I’m going back to buy them in a coral and orange shade.




They’re very creamy, long lasting and some how make my lips look fuller. I’m loving matte lips right now, there’s something really soft and pretty about it.


I’m showing signs of turning into a full on make up junkie, no? Let’s hide all the credit cards and hope for the best 🙂


I hope your week is going well, mine is going super! They’ve found a replacement for me at work and lady luck has been very nice to me lately. I even got to go on the radio and talk about my blog thanks to the lovely Paulita (who is lovely on twitter btw, she always tweets random facts, tips and cute pics of her dog Doodles)


Being 25 is looking good so far 🙂



Stay fabulous,




  • awww the dress is so pretty <3 your style is amazing!!

  • Gorgeous dress! All the colors are just beautiful, and the dress looks great on you!

  • Oh that bag is adorable!!!

  • I adore you in these radiant colours. I keep your frase:My mood or spirit is on a natural prozac.

  • You look so tan and in a such summer-y mood! (While I am pale dressed in a black suit and sitting in an office the entire day… yuck)
    Great colours and amazing bag!

  • ummali

    hi weesha! you are gorgeous and sexy. love your blog to bits. where do you shop for clothes here in dubai apart other than new look and h&m. im a plus size too except that im not as tall as you are 🙂

  • Love this entire outfit, but the dress has MY name on it!…LOL

  • Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

    @boopnut You should buy it! I think it's still on sale at the F21 website 🙂

    Hi Ummali! Thank you so much, you know I think we don't have a huge high quality selection in Dubai despite the amount of malls and stores. I'm also a fan of Splash but it's all about luck with their sizing and styles. I LOVE Monsoon too although they're expensive in my opinion. I guess this is why I've resorted to online shopping now 🙂

    Thanks for your comment again!

  • This dress looks amazing on you. The colors… I love love love it!!!

  • You look amazing in that dress! Colors make me happy too, although I always seem to want to wear black or grey all the time! Love your shoes too!

  • Sal

    Gah, what a gorgeous dress!

  • magnifique comme d habitude ;O)

  • oh, you've done it again. I love bright florals, and your nude shoes provide the right balance.

    And the fact that you mentioned lipstick makes me smile. 'm a makeup addict already.

    What A Pretty Face

  • LOVE THIS OUTFIT! It's so colorful and pretty!!!!

  • This dress = AMAZING. Happiness in a dress! And the shoes are great too. You wear the best dresses, lady!

  • This outfit is so bright and happy that I couldn't help but smile 🙂 You look SO greattt!

  • ummali

    where do you shop online? how's the shipping charges? don't you wish we have forever21+ here!? where is matalan? thanks in advance! stay rad!

  • Hey Ummali,

    I shop from Asos's curve and regular line at

    There's also

    Shopping online can be a little more pricy since everything is in $ or pounds, plus shipping (I use aramex shop & ship btw because it's heaps quicker)

    Matalan is in Mirdif City Centre and Lamcy Plaza.

    Thank hun, happy weekend!

  • You look gorgeous! The dress is fab, and can I have your amazing Aldo bag, pretty please? 😛


  • Love your dress! your so pretty!

  • just as stunning as I remember, I've missed you doll!!


  • naw pretty prett PRETTY!

    The colours, bag and shoes…i like it all!!!

    Hope you are well.

    Mele, australia

  • Cute dress! It's so lovely & colourful!

  • EinFairy