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Colour Blocking!

May 1, 2011






I’ve quit my job! I’m so happy about it because it means I get a break, I get to refocus and think about what I really want to do because clearly I’m not meant for the corporate world. I miss not being able to blog as much, spend enough time with my family and friends, pursue my other dreams…such a long list!

I’ve always believed in the saying “ it’s my job, not my life” and I think it’s important to remember you only have one life and if you spend a majority of your day doing something that doesn’t make you happy..well what a waste of your life.

I have so many ideas and lists I don’t know where to start but fingers crossed for a new beginning. I’m excited, happy and starting to feel like the old me again 🙂

Do you work part time? or how do you manage your passions along with a full time job? Do you get to live out your passion everyday or do you feel like you’re stuck in an unhappy rut?

I could really use some advice here because I’ve got too much that I want to do but it’s mixed with uncertainty and fear of being selfish.



Fingers crossed for the best,





  • darling, you look beyond amazing! Colours suit you! You've got just the perfect amount of things going on detailways in this outfit; stripes, colours, texture and those lovely drapes or whatever called on your skirt. You look amazing!

    And I remember when I quit a job I didn't like – it felt so good to know that there would be no more "oh no, I've got work tomorrow, again". I'm sure you'll find a way to be happy and a place in the world to call your own, talent like yours is always needed. 🙂

  • You look so great!!! Love everything!

  • First your outfit is really great, he colors or so bright and fun!

    Second, congrats to your new life! Even if this sounds a bit strange! Your are totally right. Even if I am still studying I know what I don't want to do after my graduation. I know that I'll never be the person sitting behind the desk all day! I wane be free, a freelancer, being able to do what I want to do! And I know that I will find my way!
    So I also hope you'll find your way, I am pretty sure you do 😀

  • Congrats to finally do what you want to do!
    I love color blocking and you look amazing:)

  • you look amazing always do what you believe is best for you!

  • You look so good! Love the vibrant colours and you sort of glow. And I love your tattoos… and those shoes!!!

    I work part time as a sales assistant in Zizzi, a shop where we sell plus-size womens wear. I really love my job, and it's become a part of who I am. It fits very well with my great passion for fashion – but not so well with what I wanna do when I'm done studying, which is teaching. But I'm really enjoying it right now and having worked there for 8 months now, I can honestly say it has enriched my life. I'm much happier now, than I was before. So being content and excited about your job is of huge importance! Congrats on taking that step, I hope you find your passion or a way of combining work and play.

    xoxo Rikke

  • You look great. I love your bag!
    I think it's better you work at a job you like than loathe. <3

  • Wow, congrats on quitting! Good luck with everything, I hope you find the perfect balance doing something you love 🙂

  • Since you didn't like your job, I'm glad that you quit. & that quote that you mentioned ("it's my job, not my life") is so true! You've got to live your life, and I hope now you are so much happier! 🙂 & I really like your colorblocking outfit!!

  • Fabulous as always darling!!

  • I am so glad for you, my dear friend.
    That means we will be seeing much more of you, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • I just love your long legs. You make the whole outfit look so sexy.

  • I loooooove that skirt so much – amazing colour, amazing style!

    And I totally get the way you're feeling right now. I spent three years doing a "practical" university degree, but I didn't love it, so I stopped and started working full-time. I was really upset and conflicted about trying to have time to have a "real" job, and time to pursue my passions. This year, I've decided to chuck the real job, and study photography. Life's short, and I want spend as much of it as I can doing something I really love. Even if I don't end up making much money, it's alright because I'll be happy.

  • HI WEESHA! Really Really loving the colours! Its so bold and very you….

    I also wanted to say that I know how you feel….atm Im teaching in a remote school (like serious in the middle of nowhere kinda place…like our electricity runs off generators) for Aboriginal children…and while I love it I really miss home, my friends, shopping…places to go, with things to do….So I have decided that I wont be seeing out the year here because I feel like Im just waiting for it to be over….and thats not how I want to spend my years….mid year I am travelling to the US and so looking forward to it…but then Im scared of the unknown…will a find another job? how will I get money? But Im sure things will work out and I'll be much happier figuring it out…thats part of the fun isn't it??

    Much Love,

    Mele xo

  • I love this look….so bold and daring:-) I wish you the best in your future endeavors!!!

  • Congrats – you have guts to quit your job and do what you want to do. About all you want to do, give yourself time it will all come to you and remember whatever you do do it like it is your last day on earth – enjoy your time and smile


  • Weesha you look so amazing! I LOVE that top with that Cobalt blue skirt! So great together! You are beautiful. I am now following. Kiah

  • Color Block it's you!!
    You look great!!

    big hugs!

  • I think that's great! I wish, for the sake of this world's happiness, more people were brave enough and could afford to take the time to figure out what they want to do. I had a professor in Consumer Psychology (more or less a general psych class as well) who talked about stressors and how they shorten your life and all sorts of other things, and I just decided then and there I didn't want to be stuck doing something I hated. I'm very lucky to have realized this prior to graduation and to have had time to figure out what I thought I might like, because now I can start looking for that and not get myself on the wrong path later. There are so many wonderful options in this world, and there's bound to be something that makes you happy to get up in the morning to go to! Best of luck with everything, I'm sure you'll come up with something great 🙂

  • One more thing- all that being said, I almost think that to truly be the happiest, finding a job that CAN BE your life would be ideal. Not to say you spend all your time on it and neglect anything else, but just something you love that really brings out the best in you and gives you purpose. That's what I'm hoping for. Maybe a wishful thinker 🙂

  • great outfit. love the blocking.

  • Love this outfit! so cheerful!

  • I lurk every now and then… I am absolutely smitten with your take on color blocking. I love how you used a printed top as opposed to a solid color top. Life is for the living, so enjoy yourself :)!