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What makes me feel beautiful- Frances Joy

April 6, 2011




My family.

The color green.

Time in the sun.


Dancing in my room, on the street, or on the dance floor.

Climbing fences in skirts and running in heels.

Playing with my sweet niece.

Recognizing the ways I look like my family – my grandmother’s hair, my father’s legs, my mother’s nails…

When my puppy, Kiku, acts like I’m the greatest person in the world.

That look in my husband’s eyes when he looks at me.

A day on the beach.

When I wake up with giant, curly hair.

Pencil skirts.

Washing my face at the end of the day.

Going back home to Puerto Rico.

Long, meaningful conversations with my favorite people.






Rocking my tattoo – and surprising people when they see it.


Recognizing beauty in others.

Nights out with my husband.

Spending time with friends.


My cowboy boots.

Revealing my nerdiness.

Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and making it through to the other side.


Rocking leopard print.

Eating a healthy meal and following it up with dessert.

Standing up for myself and others.


Challenging stereotypes.

Loving and embracing my body.




sowa_thumb[1]_thumb[14]Thank you Frances for this awesome list! I absolutely LOVE it!

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Love and Hugs,