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Repost: What I now know.

April 24, 2011

I’m reposting this just because I remember writing this almost a year ago and it feels like I need to remind myself with my very own words.

In retrospect, I might have been too negative but nevertheless, you can think what you want to think to deal, to get by.

Thankfully, majority of the negative people who this post was about are no longer a part of my life 🙂

What I now know. 

People suck.

I’m not 100% sure about evil existing, but I know that people choose to bitch to  feel better about themselves.
People get jealous. People can be stupid and not always think. People make mistakes.

They can be so insecure, it makes them spiteful just to hide their vulnerability. They might not own themselves yet and choose to imitate everyone else in order to fit in, like sheep. Putting you down and seeing it take its effects on you makes them feel superior or better about themselves. They won’t always understand your braveness, your gift for being yourself, being different and happy.

People fear what is different and don’t always take the time to learn and understand this difference.

Sometimes, people are so messed up themselves, they’re clueless to the damage they’re inflicting on you.
A happy person would never want to inflict unhappiness in anyone’s life.

So ignore people. This is your life and nobody has the right to take away your need to feel beautiful.

It doesn’t matter what you look like because people define beauty according to years of cultural brainwashing. There is no such thing as a “standard of beauty”. Maya Angelou, Beth Ditto, Tina Fey, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Gabby Sidibe, Margaret Cho. Beautiful isn’t a good enough word to describe these women.

Being  pretty is nowhere close to being beautiful. Why not aim higher?
Beauty is something that is pleasing to look at? Happy, smiley, good people are pleasing to look at.
You+ feeling beautiful= You being a beautiful person.

So dress up, dance, sing your heart out, dream, eat cookies, wear red lipstick, inspire, try sky diving or yellow shoes, achieve, jump around your room. get a puppy.

Do whatever it takes for you to be beautiful ♥




  • Hear, hear…to all you said!!!!

  • "So dress up, dance, sing your heart out, dream, eat cookies, wear red lipstick, inspire, try sky diving or yellow shoes, achieve, jump around your room."

    Thanks for reposting, I've loved following your blog these last several months, you are beyond inspiring.
    Have a great week! 🙂

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  • love this! very inspiring.

  • I love it! Thanks for the repost. I think we all need to remind ourselves how awesome and beautiful we all are.

  • This is such an inspirational post. I've always seen this behavior at people around me and in the beginning I let their words get inside my head and control me. I am now free from all of the bad influence and I enjoy being myself.
    I don't need their approval, I will do what I love most in my life.

  • So happy you reposted this. I agree with what you said. Did you ever notice that some people just don't like happy people? What
    s with that? I think some people want to share their own misery.

  • Amen girl! Love your blog, too!

  • I remember reading this the first time and felt sad that people can be so cruel even through blogging. Being beautiful is something we aspire to, through how we live, how we connect with each other, our creativity, our soul. Through this, people see the true beauty in us, this can sometimes lead to envy, where others only see beauty through looks. You are a truly beautiful person.

  • Amen, sister! It's always nice to look back and remind yourself what you were feeling a whole year ago– sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't. But this was a great post.

  • Love your text. And to feel beautiful, I try this exercice when I'm in public places : look at other people, they are all different, they are small, big, thin, fat, curvy… And they all are beautiful. World is beautiful –> I'm the world –> I'm beautiful.