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Blue Ruffles from ASOS

April 17, 2011





Yay! I finally took a picture of this dress! I’ve worn it countless times because who can resist such cute ruffles?

I love the blue, the fit could be smaller/ tighter but I sized up so that’s my fault. This is probably my favourite buy from ASOS (as of now)! Did I mention that I love the blue??

Why is this dress suddenly reminding me of the bird Rio?


Ok, enough babbling. I have to tell you- I feel good today. It’s been ages since I dressed up and felt pretty and I should really do this more often- plus size fashion blogger win and high self esteem win!

Seriously, why was I giving up and focusing on feeling ugly so much? I can be such a loser sometimes.


It’s your weekend, no? I’m so jealous! my weekend flew by with drunken beach madness and a whole day for recovery. I hope yours is absolute perfection, you know you deserve that day of indulgence and relaxation 🙂








  • GORGEOUS! Wait.. do you ever look bad in anything?

  • You look stunning, my dear. Blue is such a great colour on you. You should always feel beautiful, because you ARE beautiful! Much love xoxo

  • Love the cobalt and the leopard print pumps! You look amazing, as always. (Enjoyed the pic of the quote, too. So true!)

  • I quite agree with the ruffle thing, you're beautiful for sure!


  • Lu you look so sensational! Blue is definitely your color! The dress is gorgeous! I'm glad you had a good weekend!

    P.S. You're beautiful whether you dress up or not! 🙂

    Lot's of love!


  • I didn´t know you had a blog. Wow you are fantastic, and that blue dress loves you.
    I am adding you to my blogroll and following.

  • you look amazing! That dress is the perfect colour for you, you look absolutely stunning! The lipstick is the cherry on top xxx

  • i've been following your blog with love. i really think you're pretty and cute and the outfits you chose are really adorable 🙂

  • you look so radiant, blue is such a pretty colour on you and the way you team it with the pop of red on the lips very hot! your absolutely gorgeous don't ever forget it! xoxo

  • YOU LOOK SEXY AS GIRL! Blue ruffles are tight! I was going to order this dress but am such a wimp when it comes to ordering online…I havent done it before, but I wish I had now!!!

    Mele, Australia

    just letting you know that I have opened up my first ever give away… its a beautiful pair of white Deep Sea Moonlight Pearls from Broome Western Australia

    be in it to win it 🙂

  • so cute! i love those shoes!

  • Love the colour of your dress

  • I had my eye on that dress at asos, u look stunning in it, and the shoes are hot!

  • So cute…I love this dress on you:)

  • I am glad I got to stop by and share some more love on this dress. I almost ordered it, but I am on a self-imposed shopping ban! I love ruffles!

  • Love your hair, and i'm glad that this dress colour remind you of bird Rio, (i live in rio 🙂 )
    You are beautiful, really

  • Look at you my darling friend, you are stunning inside and out. I llove the dress and I love you.

  • Hello beautiful! That color is so gorgeous- I can't get enough of it so I can see why you love that dress! You look like a breath of fresh air in it. I'm off to check out your lookbook page now. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • Hi sweetie, you look gorgeous as always. And that denim jumpsuit is tha bomb.

  • Wow that dress looks really amazing!! Luv the color!!!!

    Julie (Spain)

  • OMG you have the best legs !!! you look beautiful , lovely dress .

  • j ai la mm robe mais elle me va bcp moins bien d ailleurs je pense la revendre,lol

  • That dress and that color look AMAZING on you. I especially love the pop of leopard in the shoes.

  • This dress is so cute on you. You look great

  • Wow, what a great outfit! I love the blue color combined with those leopard shoes!