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March 31, 2011

I might be the last plus size girl to have heard of Style369 (where have I been? under a rock?!)

They have adorable collections from sizes 14 to 26 and I think they’re relatively wallet friendly.

I’ve got a few spring inspired pieces on my radar, hopefully I won’t buy them all though hehe.








 85A72HIVR_large 07C03HRED_large




  80A30HPNK_large 83B31HPNK_large



 08A31JIVR_large  83B26HBLE_normal




Have you shopped from Style369 before? Are they good with shipping, quality, fit, customer service, etc?

Let me know, my wallet’s going to get some serious damage in the coming week!


Have a great weekend 🙂




  • They are really awesome! Let us know what you bought soon:)

  • wow they are beautiful 🙂

  • 2 me tapent dans l oeil la blanche et celle avec les deux noeuds que j ai deja vu en grise (le rose poudre ou pas c est pas trop mon truc ;O) )

  • The funny thing is i just heard of Style369 like last week and already i've bought something. They had this sales thing going on at 20% off but essentially they sell what Evans has on their website.

  • Oh these are cute, never heard of the website but i will definitely go check them out now

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  • I love all of this stuff, especially that on shoulder pleated number. i'm diggin it!

  • I need to buy something there, I really love there stuff, and it is actually like all the cool stuff from Evans with some extra coolness and less all this boring shit!

  • I must have been living under the same rock, because I've never heard of this website. I love this stuff though – I can't wait to see you rock whichever pieces you get.

  • Now I'm the last big girl to hear about this place. I looooOOOOooove these pieces!!!

  • Love those pleated dress
    this is a great selection there 🙂

  • Hi Weesha!!

    I have a correction for you… the last plus size girl to know Style369 it's me!!!

    WoW!!I'm really fastinated, amaizing!! I love their dresses, I want all of them 😀

    Thank you to discover me a new shop, sorry that my boyfriend doesnt think the same jojojojo


  • I'd never heard of style369 before! I'll definitely check the site out, thank you!!

  • lol hey love! Don't worry! You're not behind! haha Style369 is pretty much all the same stuff that Evans carries, just styled for a younger crowd. Same parent company. The pieces are all the same though! <333

    What's cool is that sometimes one will carry an item at a lower price than the other, so check before you buy! haha

    xo Allison 😀