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Weesha does a lohan.

March 15, 2011






New Look top & leggings, Blanco boots, Koton bag, gorgeous ring from Anika!


This is an old outfit, before I got my tattoo done and yes I’m totally aware that I did a Lohan but hey I just like showing off the fact that I’m a fat girl in leggings ha. The audacity, I know.


A million hugs wouldn’t be enough thanks for your wonderful comments on my last post, seriously you are my prozac. Who cares about haters when I have such amazing support here, I’m so blessed.


I’ve been trying to catch up with everyone’s blogs lately which is hard since I have no internet at home 🙁 So if I haven’t commented I’m not being rude I swear, just deprived of internet!


Here are a few of my fave links so far though:


Papu wrote a cool post on plus size plaid fashion

Charlie’s 5th edition of her Feminine Bravery feature is up and trust me, it is beyond moving and and inspiring. I got goose bumps reading her story.

It’s Jessica Kane’s birthday today! Yay!

Bekah’s blog is filled with beautiful pictures, I can’t help but smile every time I visit!


Cool stuff, no? Bloggers just keep getting better and better 😉


Hope you’re having a wonderful day!




  • I think you're gorgeous doll!!

  • In the words of Billy Crystal, You Look MAH-velous! 🙂

  • Darling, my sweet friend. You are so wonderful in every way, I adore you! I love this look on you, simple, elegant, chic and trendy. Sending you big hugs! Also, so fun to see you wearing the ring I got for you, I put a feel good spell with hugs from me in that ring, hope you feel it 😉 big kisses from Oslo! <3

  • You rock that look! Also I aodre the color of the blouse AND you look so pretty with that hairstyle!

    By the way, Anikas comment make me smile 😀

  • Hi,I have been following your blog for a while and I really like it,I have started blogging as well,I will be delighted if you could visit me:


  • You look great in leggings! I am kinda jealous of your height 🙂 I am too short for anything 😀 I love that bow on your shirt (then coem to think I love bows on everything so I might be a little bit biased 😛
    Best wishes from Lithuania 😉

  • Okay- I was totally in love with you by the middle of the post and then I read the shout out and HOLY MOLY, I'm just madly in love with you.

    And who cares if this is an oldie pic, its hot stuff.
    I love the tunic and leggings look, not to mention I would do bad things to acquire boots like yours!

    have a beautiful day, weesha!! 🙂matters of merrymaking

  • love that blouse on you!

    Thanks for the mention darling 🙂

  • I really love this outfit on you!

  • I looooove leggings! You look gorgeous, girl! One of these days you are going to teach me how to wear these amazing heels that you rock! I love your shoes!
    Thanks form mentioning my post and for lending me your pics! 🙂

  • Oh I am lovin this outfit-you look like a model!!! Simply fabulous:-)

  • Anonymous

    You are so beautiful!!!You are rocking that look.

  • rhoooooooooo ta bague est a tombee ! ;O)

  • You look so pretty!

  • I laughed so hard when I saw the title of the post. And I think you're rocking this outfit – LiLo doesn't have a thing on you!


  • Pussybow blouse! It's one of my loves and it is a simple outfit but you look really good 🙂

  • You are a million times more gorgeous then Lohan so I'd say you "do Lohan" better then Lindsey herself. 😉

  • You look Sexy Honey!!! I love and I want a top like this!!

  • You look beautiful! & I just love those shoes so much!!!

  • You look gorgeous! This is an appropriate use of leggings, I think.

  • found you blog.. We, I love your style girl! You look fab

  • Hi sweets,
    You know not many of us can get away with a sheer top/legging combo. Uhm, I sometimes not even like miss Lohan doing her staple look. I'm going to look for a sheer top myself, no Lohan pull off 4 me, I leave that 2 u: You rocked it!

  • This is by far one of my fave looks from you! It´s reminds of YFF´s blog! Honestly! I want to go home and recreate this look myself 🙂 xx

  • i have that same top! great minds think alike 😉 is that the dusky pink one?

  • harshika swarup

    I am huge fan! Literally too! lolll…found your blog a few hours ago and am still around…love this outfit…am sending you a longgggggggg fan mail in a little while….