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March 27, 2011




ASOS Jumpsuit (size18), New Look shoes and bag

If we’ve been together for a while, you might remember that I was a bridesmaid for my friend Romilla’s wedding a little over a year ago. Well, Romilla gave birth to Myron Leander Fernandes on the 23rd of March and I just had to share his pictures with you.

He is such a beautiful baby boy (and so tiny!!) and we’re all so happy he’s finally here.

We’ve been waiting for him for a while and I can’t wait to see what he grows up to be. He has awesome parents so I’m sure he’s going to be nothing short of a spectacular human being.





First time I’ve held a new born baby haha, it’s a little terrifying because they’re so tiny and fragile!


I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend or week, mine has had ups and downs but by far, my friends finally seeing their new baby in this world is the biggest ‘up’ ever. Screw everything else 🙂


Love and hugs,





  • Then we share the same birthday, except he's 23 years old younger than me! 😀

    Love the suit your wearing, looks so fab with the leo heels!

  • I'm always so scared to hold newborns! I'm afraid they're going to break or instantly cry as soon as they come into my arms, lol. They're a lot stronger than we think!

    You are working those shoes, by the way. Just add some red lipstick and it will be even more fab.

  • se qu elle est mignonne et que de cheveux ! ;O)

    pour ta tenue tres reussi,ca te va bien moi avec ma morpholigie surtout mon ventre les combinaisons comme ca ca ne me va pas…

    bon dimanche

  • You look abs. stunning and fearless in this jumpsuit. 🙂 Beautiful! and what a cuuuuute baby boy. Congrats to you and your family. <3

  • Myron looks adorable!! I'm sure he will grow up to be a cutie 🙂 and you look beautiful, as always xxx

  • Oh My Gosh!!! I really love your jumpsuit, and it suits you perfect!! You look great and gorgeous!

  • You look gorgeous in your jumpsuit! I love your shoes & bag!
    And how cute is baby Myron??! He's adorable!


  • I'm glad to see you again Weesha! You look awesome, as usual! I love your shoes. Hope you'll have a lot of fun with your friend's child 😉

  • love the jumpsuit. i love love love the shoes even more!

  • Divine post(and you look great in that chic jumpsuit:)!


  • Okay, if there are TWO things I love about life it is fashion AND babies.

    This playsuit is So fantastic. I love the leopard paired with it. And what a handsome little man, what a blessing! Best of luck to the family and my congrats!


  • Weesha, what a beautiful baby, and you look like a natural holding a baby!

    Love the jumpsuit and I am sure you are going to find a million ways to wear it.

    Have a great week!

  • You look adorable and that baby, oh my, what a little cutie! xo

  • You look so cute in the jumpsuit! I'm so scared to buy one, even though they're hot right now. But no you have my wheels a turnin'!

  • Jumpsuit is fabulous!!!!!

  • Love the jumpsuit! OMGoodness! Love it1

  • love the outfit! you look gorgeous!

  • man Im just in love with your hair!! I wish I had big locks so badly >.<

    Im a new follower 🙂 Thanks for sharing


  • Ooh so lovely! I would have never carried off a jumpsuit like that. 1. Not tall enough 2. don't wear heels but you look beautiful!

    Such a cute baby. I usually refrain from carrying newborns as I am quite klutzy!

  • amazing in blue,amanzing baby.

  • Newborns are so terrifying.

    Also, your shoes kick so much ass.

  • Awww, baby boy is so adorable!!! Newborns are the best and so innocent.

    You look great by the way! 🙂

  • Aww the baby is so cute! COngrats to your friend!

    I love the outfit btw

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  • OMG I am so in love with your denim jumpsuit. I have a total jumpsuit obsession – this looks fabulous!

    – Sarah

  • Roanna Fernandes