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What makes me feel beautiful- Meg

February 28, 2011



Apart from wearing a nice dress that I feel comfortable in, there are some let’s say less traditional situations in my life that make me feel beautiful as well. These are the situations that aren’t usually considered situations that someone could feel beautiful in, but after thinking of it a bit they come to our minds as well. When I’m with my boyfriend, obviously. When I’m being creative or when I come up with a new idea. And also, when I’m planning something. Yeah, right, however boring planning might seem, I actually enjoy it. I see planning as an interlink between dreaming and realizing these dreams. I think planning could be considered a kind of an art.


Last year we (the boyfriend and I) spent two weeks in London, which is my favourite city of all. It was the first trip we ever did on our own and without a travel agency because we wanted to spend a longer time there than any agency offered – that means we had to plan it by ourselves. I was the planner in chief and although some people claim that planning their vacation is the most stressful activity of the year, I enjoyed every single second of it. I loved making the lists of places we would like to visit, finding information about them and then matching them in a way that would work; I loved searching for places to stay and sorting them according to the cost and location etc.. As I didn’t want it to be the traditional ‘sightseeing only’ trip I bought a couple of books with great tips on places that the usual tourist wouldn’t probably know (now I have a life-long collection of tips on where to go to in London :D). I even designed a little travel organizer. Yeah, basically I became a planning freak, but in the end we both enjoyed the trip to the fullest. And it felt damn good!"




Thank you so much Meg for your contribution. I think you have a natural talent for planning and also, the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings in the world 🙂


Check out more of Meg’s charming looks or get advice on travelling in London (hehe!) at her blog Bargainista on a Hunt.


I hope you’re having a lovely, deliciously chilled out weekend Red heart




  • B.

    Love that article honey.
    & this girl is … so beautiful !

  • Love that dress

  • I love this series of posts! 🙂

    xxx Charlie
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  • Thnaks to share this post with us!
    This Girl is so cute!!!

  • BBM

    aawww i love meg and love these photos! whoo-weee! thanks for this project weesha! always empowering!

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    Hi! You are an inspiration to me. Another night I dreamed about you. You were here in Brazil speaking Portuguese and wearing a red dress, beautiful.
    (sorry for my bad english…I do not practice much)