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What makes me feel beautiful- Amanda Valdez

February 8, 2011



This is difficult to answer because for so long I focused on the traits that made me feel ugly: My acne-prone skin, my larger than average stomach, and my double-chin. It was so easy to find faults in my body that I almost lost sight of the beauty standing in the mirror before me. Luckily there was someone else patiently waiting for me to take notice. She knew as I conquered my battles, including binging and emotional eating, I would remove my blinders one day at time. She was right all along; she was the girl in the mirror.


I cried the first time I accepted my body as a whole. There were no Spanx, no eyeliner, or compliments from my boyfriend. It was just me, embracing who I was, so-called flaws and all. No longer was I just a “pretty face.” (How many times have fat girls heard that one?) I was a woman, a beautiful woman – inside and out.


You see, a fabulous outfit, well applied makeup and the admiring looks from my boyfriend make me feel gorgeous. But the challenges, both internal and external, I once fought make me feel the most beautiful. It’s those challenges that lead me to love myself and see the beauty that was there all along.

At the end of the day, it’s just me and the girl in the mirror. A woman with the occasional breakout, fat stomach, double chin, and yes, even a pretty – no – a beautiful face, if I do say so myself.


While I may not like some of my features or regret past actions from time to time, I still love myself unconditionally because they are a part of me. And they make me feel beautiful.



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Thank you so much Amanda, you were one of the first plus size bloggers I started to follow and you still continue to inspire me with every video and OOTD postRed heart


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  • Oh, this is such a beautiful post. I felt very moved, and can so relate. Amanda, you are so beautiful, inside and out. Lu, thanks for starting this wonderful series darling. <3

  • amazing – wonderful inspiration and wise words from a gorgeous lady!
    lots of love

  • I love that your doing this Weesha. Your featuring bloggers who I absolutely adore and know that they deserve it! Amanda is definitely one of my favorite bloggers, she's a really cool person.

  • I got a little teary reading this. Thanks for sharing your story Amanda, you are freaking gorgeous!

    This is such a great feature.

  • Wow!
    This is so wonderful. Amanda really expressed herself very well.
    I'm not really sure what to say, I just really love this! 🙂

  • this is such a wonderful post! definitely something that many girls need to read and hopefully be inspired by. thank you so much for sharing this with us. i found this post thanks to anika who tweeted about it with my new #FTFCommunity hash tag and i can definitely see why she wanted to share it. i'll be retweeting it as well! thank you for sharing this blogger with us. =)

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  • Fantastic post! Amanda is really inspiring and such a beautiful girl!

  • Faucets Faucets Scarves Scarves told myself: you are the best! Irreplaceable! Smile every day life, self-confident!

  • Great post! Truly inspiring 🙂 Thank you for sharing it!