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Dressing to look thin

February 15, 2011

Why? Why is it wrong for us to wear high collars and only stick to v-necks. So, because we have chubby legs, we’re supposed to hide them or wear flares to make them look balanced?What’s so wrong with looking like what your body actually is? It’s your body!

To hell with it all. Wear whatever makes you happy.


I’m not the biggest fan of pants let alone ones that seem to emphasize my wide hips but they’re comfy and I felt awesome wearing them just for the feeling of trying something different and new.


I’ve been off lately, just feeling unpretty yknow? So I got some highlights and a blow dry to pressure myself into trying harder every time I dress up in the morning. I’m feeling heaps better already 🙂







New Look pants and bag, Spring shoes


How was your Vday? I don’t really believe in it but it’s very hard for me to not support a holiday that involves me getting a gift haha!


My vday gift was awesome rollerblades!!!!  I never got to rollerblade as a kid but all I got all inspired after Whip It. I wanna be all badass on blades too (of course after all the kids in the park laugh at me trying to learn rollerblading) They look amazing, no? So shiny!




Btw, I has tumblr now! and I’m looking for people to follow so let me know what’s yours, my dashboard is way too empty.


Have a beautiful day Red heart



Beauty isn’t worth thinking about; what’s important is your mind. You don’t want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head. ~Garrison Keillor



  • Love the gift! You're going to have so much fun with those!

    Also, I agree about the figure flattery stuff. We don't always HAVE to care and it's really cool to see people throwing caution to the wind no matter what shape. I love your outfit and I assure you are FAR from unpretty <3

  • Here, here! I couldn't have said it better myself!!

    You look fabulous! Loving your trousers! You're the only person I know, who can off day, and still look amazing! I'm glad you're feeling better, sending you lot's of love! 😀


  • you're looking great my dear! i'm sorry if you feel like you're ina slump but i'm sure it'll pass soon and you sure don't look unpretty to me! 🙂 i love the pants actually! especially with those shoes lols.

    i know you're following my general tumblr but i also have a style one 🙂

  • You look so good. I don't dress to look thin because I am fat, why should I be something I'm not. 😐

  • I’m not a fan of those pants let alone ones that seem to emphasize my wide belly I love them!!

    You look pretty honey!!

    What an excitinf Vday Gift!!! Lol Good Look.


    Plz, my english is horrible (i'm learning…) sorry sorry!

  • Pretty as a picture!

  • Oups i did many mistakes…

    I’m not a fan of those pants who let seem to my wide belly but I love them!!

    You look pretty honey!!

    What an exciting Vday Gift!!!
    Lol Good Luck.


    Plz, my english is horrible (i'm learning…) sorry sorry!

  • You look phenomenal. Where I come from women's wide hips, heavy thighs, and curvy legs are a thing to be celebrated. I love going to my (maternal) grandmother's house to hear her exclaim over my thighs and hips. It makes me feel like a woman. And girl, you look like a woman.

  • First, I want to say that no matter what you wear it is you, you do not change into something or somebody else. Ad the you that you are is absolutely gorgeous. You are beautiful from head to toe. We are products of our thoughts. So our ad days exist only because we let them.

    Second, I rollerblade all of the time! I was never allowed to as a kid bcz it was 'danger' hahaaa. really.But the moment I was on my own, I went to garage sales in search of the perfect pair. I still have them and actually sometimes wear them around the house. I know this is crazy and weird but I enjoy it! The last time I rollerbladed in public I fell in front of any people who kinda sorta laughed!!!


  • the words are *bad and *many (damn acrylics don't let me type properly!!)

  • Aww great post! I think you're right that we are always trying to be pressured into wearing all black head to toe just to look 10 pounds thinner.. but what if we don't want to (or feel like we need to) look 10 pounds thinner?!? lol Love the harem pants and the new hair color! Stay beautiful =)

  • I think you look great in those pants! 😀 Accentuate 😉 And I love the highlights!!

    Im going to follow you on tumblr.

  • You're so inspiring! Awesome shoes, as usual! Love u!

  • Anonymous

    You are so pretty and an incredibly inspiring woman. You always look fantastic girl. From your ardent fan in Australia. x

  • Love this combo girl <3 you look amazing, love the blue pattern on the top together with the light colored harem pants. daring and fabulous! you're rocking it 😉

    and I totally agree on that dress how ever you want thing, to hell with having to dress thin, you can wear whatever you want, dont be afraid 😀

  • Thos pants look amazing on you!!!! I love this outfit!!! Kudos to you!

  • What lovely harem pants! They fit really well on you sweetheart.

  • Those pants look great on you! Pfft, accentuate hips? Who cares when you look this damn good (hips included)!

  • You told it like it is!! Looooove. It is so hard still for so many ladies to just embrace and stop hiding their bodies. And I'm not talking about feeling-bad days. We all are human. You look amazing (as always).

  • Weesha, You look beautiful! Love the color combos and I love your Valentines present. Have Fun!

  • You look FAB! I love everything you have on! You are on point about fashion rules and hang-ups, like when women say they don't go sleeveless because of fat arms. My question is, do you think sleeves are hiding the fact that you have fat arms? People know, so wear what you like. *shrug*

  • Those trousers are so edgy, i love it! And those shoes!
    You are right, of course, that we shouldn't dress to look something we aren't. But I admit I do find it's difficult to stay completely away from in real life. Because I do think some things look good on me and some don't, and how much of that is internalized thin positivity? For example, people generally don't buy jeans they don't think fit well, but does "fit well" mean "make me look as thin as possible"? Well, I know I've stopped dressing to hide my body/fat, and I think that's good enough for me for now.

  • The other day I almost slaped a fat fatshionista friend because she said I should be careful when wearing a pair of short boots because my legs are "too thick". I showed my disconfort to her because I'll ef… use the boots! Whenever I buy them lol
    I love rollerblading,I have a pair of old fashioned ones, not in line. It's great! But wear protection on your knees and elbows, ok? 😉

  • You are wearing the hell out of those pants! Lookin' fab! I'm so glad to come across your blog because I know I will find lots of inspiration here! You're amazing! Rock it girl.
    Matters of Merrymaking

  • Mamtu

    Did I just read the word 'UNPRETTY' somewhere?? What the hell..

    You are gorgeous Luannaaa… U shld know that….:)

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  • I love the highlights, you're hair looks phenomenal! You look cute in the pants, it's always good to try something different anyway…

  • My sweetheart friend, I am thinking about you often! You are wonderful Lu, I truly feel that. You have strength with in you that you dig out and keep going with, and I am so glad you share with all of us. We can all relate I am sure. To add to that you are STUNNING, I hope you see what I see when I look at you <3 . Sending you and your bf big hugs.

  • LOVE the new hair! Also, phhhh to dressing to look thin!

  • I just found your blog today. It's great! And I love the shoes you've got on!

  • Just discovered your blog today, great style 🙂