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What makes me feel beautiful- BBM

January 28, 2011






One of the things that makes me feel beautiful is when I am reminded that I am being looked up to as a role model. Besides being a wife and a workaholic, I also have another role that I take very seriously in my life. This role is being an older sister to my astonishing little sis.
The first time I realized that my lil sis actually looks up to me is when I was getting ready to go to my first official date. I was 16 and I found my 6-year-old sis sitting on the floor, eyes wide opened as I carefully put on some lip gloss and a little blush. I looked down and she smiled back saying, "You’re purr-dee Ate," giggles and all. By the way, “Ate” is a Tagalog word meaning older sister. And “purr-dee” is a 6-year-old word for … well you know, pretty. After a wonderful date, I came home that night to a room with red lipstick walls and my sister looking like a drag queen gone bad. Oh man I wanted to spank her let me tell you, but I stopped and realized that she was just trying to be just like her big sis. I remembered that I used to watch my Mom the same way she did whenever my Mom would get all glammed up. Unfortunately, my lil sis didn’t have my mom to look up to due to life’s circumstances. I was it, I realized, and that day, I felt beautiful.


Today, my lil sis is growing up to be an amazing, beautiful young lady. She’s my self-proclaimed blog manager and photographer. She’s a brainiac, a musical genius, and a professional doodler. She’s her own person but I can definitely see the core values that I’ve rooted over and over to her bloom and flourish. She’ll never admit to it, but she proves it every time I witness her making big or small decisions.

Nowadays, she’s the one who teaches me a thing or two. The world is filled with negative role models. Role models of lust, greed, and hate. I dared to be different. My sister deserved it and in turn, making me feel beautiful within, shining without.



Thanks BBM for being a part of this! You make me wish I wasn’t an only child 🙂 So moved by your answer and your sister is just as gorgeous as you Red heart



  • Oh how lovely! She is so beautiful, inside and out. I love this feature, and I love that she talks about being a rolemodel. I love her style, and she is always so supportive and darling. A proper sweetheart! <3 I love your series Luanne. big hugs for you both!

  • Anonymous

    This is beautiful! I feel the exact same about my younger sister. Just to know that she looks up to me, keeps me going. Our family is also dealing with life's circumstances at the moment and I realize that my little sister needs me more than ever.

  • BBM

    ok, now im crying. THANKS so much Luanne for this opportunity. thank you for thinking of me about this project and thank YOU for being an amazing, positive, and FAB role model to the curvy and blog world yourself!

    thanks anika and thanks ms. anonymous – stay strong during lifes trials – it makes us stronger.

    goodness i love my sis. shes a brat, but i love that girl! lol!

  • Such a touching post! I love this series! I think it is so needed to reflect on how we feel beautiful!

  • Meg

    I love BBM, she always looks so positive and gorgeous, no matter what!

    I also really enjoy this series! Thank you, Luanne, for making them!

  • Eventhough I won't catch my little brother taking my red lipstick, I know what you mean and how you feel. I guess it's one of the greatest feeling you can have to see, that you kind of inspire other people!

    I love this project and I was really moved by BBMs answer. She is such a darling and also so awesome looking!

  • oh i love gerry.. she's so lovely, and this was an amazing testament to her kind personality. she is indeed a beautiful woman inside AND out.

  • She is a really awesome and amazing person, not to mention gorgeous from the inside out!

  • I gave your fabulous blog the stylish blogger award! check it out 🙂

  • That was beautiful 🙂

  • That was so beautiful, and VERY, very, touching!


  • Aw, this was wonderful!

  • I love BBM and Weesha both equally! Big hugs!

  • BBM is totally one of my favs good choice!