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What makes me feel beautiful- Amelia Pontes

January 16, 2011




I feel most beautiful when I am learning. That moment when the lightphoto
bulb has gone off after a long discussion or while reading a book can
have me beaming for hours. More than any other part of my body or
anything I could ever wear, the feeling I get when I finally grasp a
complex concept always makes me feel beautiful. I am pretty sure it
started as a child when I would listen to my brother lecture me on
basketball strategies, having me draw up plays and strategies for the
game. Or maybe when I stayed after school with teachers to continue
discussing the story we read in class together.


photo (2)














Fortunately, these moments are constantly happening. I don’t have to
wait for a good hair day or for the perfect fitting jeans, but writing
or reading a new book can boost my confidence at any time. I always
found it annoying when people said that beauty’s only skin deep, but
as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate this concept. My hope
is that when I am old and grey, I will continue to challenge myself to
learn more and more. If I can, then I am certain I will have found the
fountain of youth and beauty.










I’m using my nosiness for a good purpose this time 🙂 I remember coming across this post linked by Sal from Already Pretty, it was a few women answering the question “What makes you feel beautiful?”. It got me curious about other women’s answers too so I’ve decided to make it a feature here on Weesha’s World. Thank you Amelia for being a part of this!





  • Awesome feature! Melinda is a great person for this – she's beautiful through and through. Looking forward to more!

    – Sarah

  • This is amazing. I really admire the way that Amelia looks at beauty. And what a great feature for your blog! Can't wait to see more!

  • Glad you like it 😀 I've got loads more for this whole month!

  • truly inspirational !!!

  • Thank you so much for the feature! And thanks for the sweet comments. Xoxo

  • I love love love this feature! and I <3 you. It`s a win-win!:D