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Style File: Blogger Inspiration

January 9, 2011

I’ve made a bunch of resolutions for 2011 and they’re all for this blog- a few new features, improvements, a vow to up my style game and I’ve decided to be more proactive about what I preach.

Therefore, I’m super excited to present the first new feature: Style File: Blogger Inspiration. I think this is a great way to show how diverse beauty and style is. After all, they’re so subjective yet universal in a way, how about showing it off with awesome bloggers from all over the world? Sounds perfect to me and if you’d like to be a part of this just email me at


Weesha’s World’s first Style File: Blogger Inspiration is Charlie from Feminine Bravery, we’ve been blogging buddies for ages now and I love how down to earth and sweet Charlie is.

It’s almost like taking a trip every time I visit Feminine Bravery, there’s always snowy pictures or autumn leaves and Charlie is always immaculately dressed. Her style is very feminine and chic, and it’s just prettiness galore at Feminine Bravery.

I hope she doesn’t get mad at this, but I’m pretty sure Charlie is part Disney Princess, all that’s missing are a bunch of tweeting birds, bunnies and Bambi surrounding her! Her blog is every bit as sweet, charming and lovely as her and it’s one of my regular reads so I think it’s pretty apt that Charlie is our first Blogger Inspiration 🙂



Hey guys! You’ll never guess what happened when my little sister took these photos for me today! The camera froze! That’s right, it was so cold the camera froze from the inside, so you couldn’t see through, and it stayed like that for half an hour when we got inside! No wonder, it was -20 degrees Celsius today.




Usually my boyfriend takes my photos, but as he was called to go to work this morning he couldn’t. We only have light for a bit more than five hours a day at the moment, but getting longer days every day. We’ve had ONE day with actual sunlight in over a week. Can’t wait to take pictures in daylight! Don’t get me wrong – winter is my favourite time of the year! It only gets better from now on, at least usually it does, as we get the beautiful view and the sunlight to actually be able to see it!




The winter months are from November to March. I remember when I was little, we used to have spring flowers for my birthday at the end of March. Now that the climate has changed, it has snowed every year on my birthday for the last four years. Winters are getting colder, and summers hotter, and I don’t like this change at all. Neither does nature. Last autumn all leaves turned brown and dry even before the berries in the mountain ashes were ripe, and that shouldn’t really happen.




As for the outfit then… I really love this dress! I wore it on Christmas Eve, and bought it the day before on sales. It’s soft and made of quite thick fabric, which makes it perfect for where I live. 😉 This time, I decided to pair it with mustard, and I didn’t add any jewellery this time to keep it really simple.

Dress; Zara.

Belt, shirt, tights; H&M.

Boots; Ecco.

Bow; Monki.



What’s the weather like where you are, and have you noticed any changes to that recently?





  • B.

    omg she's so cute

  • I already love this feature of your blog 😉 Charlie is so pretty 🙂

  • Wow, she is adorable! Your blog is looking super fab, girl!

  • she is gorgeous! oh and the weather here has been freaking coooold! its hard to be fashionable when you just want to grab a snuggle and get into bed. but what can you do?

  • A great read, and Charlie is lovely

  • oh she is pretty in every way! 🙂
    love this new feature!!

  • hi sweetie, such a lovely feature of the beautiful and inspiring Charlie 🙂 I <3 both you guys!

  • Holy cow, I can't believe she can go outside in those temperatures and not instantly freeze up! I'm excited to see your other awesome picks!