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January 30, 2011














ASOS maxi dress, Dorothy Perkins shoes, shawl from Aleppo, Syria

I’ve only worn this dress once, it’s too stressful to wear so much white especially for someone as uncoordinated as me. I love the comfort and simplicity of it- perfect for those days where I lack the effort to dress up but I do have to iron it first, and I suck at ironing, bleh.


I’ve been thinking too much again about my career, where I’m going in life, settling down, etc. but I had a lovely, long talk with my mom so I feel heaps better. I want a different life, you know? not the typical city thing of how much you earn, what car you drive, what clubs you’re at, etc. I definitely don’t want to be in the corporate world but I guess I have to make sacrifices for now to at least try and get where I want to. Money seems like the solution and cause of so many problems and dreams.


Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Mine is just ending (boooooo!) but it’s alright, this week involves my cousin visiting from Melbourne, an appointment for a facial and blow dry, and hopefully an ASOS package 😀 so bring it ON. I definitely work my ass off at work for those ASOS packages haha.


I have Kris Allen’s Live like we’re Dying song in my head and I think it’s an amazing message which a lot of people seem to ignore. You only get one life, push all the trivial crap aside and just focus on your happiness. That’s all we really need at the end of the day.


 Red heartand hugs,



Our hearts are hungry for a food that won’t come

And we could make a feast from these crumbs

And we’re all staring down the barrel of a gun

So if your life flashed before you,

What would you wish you would’ve done

-Kris Allen, Like We’re Dying



  • Meg

    You look like a Greek goddess in these! Gorgeous!

  • You look like a goddess in that picture. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    I wish I were tall like you to pull it off!


  • tenue greco romaine superbe !

  • Just beautiful! I also like that song.

  • Loved the dress! I know wearing white and hard to iron clothes can be tough but is good to rock it sometimes.
    If you wanna talk about career and doubts meet me at facebook.
    Really, I want to do something creative and that involves fashion not only as a hobbie, but I'm so afraid! Anyaway, if you wanna talk let's do it 🙂
    Have a great weekend dool! 😉

  • Such a beautiful look on you, I love ASOS. Check out the giveway on my blog 🙂


  • so pretty… love this look!

  • You look STUNNING! Beyond stunning. Ethereal. I love this look.

  • That dress is beautiful! I love it!

  • I'm not sure I'd have the guts to wear a white dress although they always look gorgeous. Might try it one day 😉

    I can relate so much to being unsure about career choices. I too face the same dilemma with the corporate world: I study Marketing but so wish I was in culinary school instead, studying to become a chef at a big restaurant. But hey, we can dream, right? And we can definitely see reality in our dreams 🙂


  • oo a sophisticated beauty too!


  • Finally saw you in this! You look like an angel in white, so good against your skin tone!

  • I love this dress, so Grecian

  • I love your scarf! And I hope you find the career that you're dreaming of 🙂

  • Very nice and flowy.

  • I absolutely LOVE this dress! 🙂


  • Girl, you wore this to work. Brilliant!!!
    Thinking about career moves and all the other stuff of live can be a bit overwhelming at times. It means your in a process: a personal journey. I relate in a way because of my own journey on some topics and that at my age (uhm!).

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress!!!

  • lovely look!

  • i absolutely adore your blog! your posts are lovely! so so gorgeous!
    please follow my blog back.


  • This. I love 🙂