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Finally found some animal print love!

January 19, 2011



New Look dress and shoes, bag from Koton, belt from Splash, jacket from Peacocks


Yay! I finally got lovely animal print shoes 🙂 They’re comfortable and pretty, my love for New Look continues, especially with this maxi dress. I tried the exact same dress in a bunch of other stores like Topshop, River Island, etc- the same size and pattern but the one at New Look was the least clingy and most skimming if you know what I mean.


The bag has also become a favourite, it’s pretty practical for someone like me who has about a million things in her bag- chocolate, make up, magazines, pills- you name it!


Dubai’s been cloudy and cold for a change, I’m sure that’s nothing great for a lot of you but it’s good to take a break from eternal sunshine!


And I bought new glasses today, can’t wait to show you the new geeky me 8)


Have a lovely day Red heart






  • I am absolutely in LOVE with your outfit! PERFECT!

  • You look so glamourous & chic! I love your shoes, they are beautiful! Cute bag too!


    P.S. I will e-mail you this week! Soooo sorry for the delay!!! 🙁

  • OMG woman you look AMAZING! See, this is when I need that twitter button lol <3 I love everything, so sexy, so sleek, so stylish, oooooooh! LuAnne. I officially have a girl crush on you. Hope Fahed won`t mind 🙂

  • Love Love your outfit, and those shoes, well what can I say, they are just great.

  • Gorgeous!

  • those shoes are killer!!! I LOVE the spike heel!

  • What a fierce outfit! You look amazing!

  • GORGEOUS!!! 🙂

    I just did a post about the fallacies that our mind creates! Do you mind if I pinch that pic?

  • Meg

    I love those leopard shoes on you (although I myself am still indecisive about the whole animal print thing)! The dress looks also very pretty, especially with the jacket!

    Btw my bag is also always full of stuff. Usually I bring along many things that I don't actually need so I always have a pretty big bag although really I need only my wallet, mobile phone and keys 😀

  • I love this look. It is so cute yet sassy. I'm gonna have to try this maxi skirt trend.

  • Great shoes! And I love what the jacket brings to that outfit.
    Completely fantastic quote!

  • So chic!

  • Lovely long dress !

  • dc

    Totally, absolutely gorgeous! Femme fatale! I'm crazy about your purse! Did you order it?

  • Great outfit, great dress, shoes and bag. I envy your ability to wear high heels, I only wear them on special occasions lol.
    And I really loved the quote in the end! Beautiful! Miss ya!

  • So beautiful, love the shoes, and I am dying over the dress. I checked out New Look, they have some cute stuff..I might have to do some more online shopping,:)


  • Oh my gosh, such a perfect outfit!

  • You look great!!! Glad you found some animal print shoes!

  • You look so pretty! i love the dress + heels!

  • I. Want. Those. Shoes. Looking good!

  • LOVE the outfit on you and love the shoes. Looking for an animal print myself. I have shirts, but no shoes.

  • Those shoes are AMAZING!!! and the rest of the outfit is very stylish, too. great job again!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  • I looked everywhere shoes like these but i didn't find as i like…
    I love your totaly black outfit, it's so rock!! and this jacket is cute!!

  • Eeeeee I LOVE the new hair! Also those shoes are amazing.

  • Someone's having beautiful wavy bouncy hair! Very very nice! Also love the shoes. New Look surprises me sometimes with the inconsistency in size but i still love it.

  • You look stunning in these pictures. Really gorgeous and elegant. x.

  • Ok, I may have just dribbled over my own laptop! 🙁 Those shoes……!!!!! :O Why aren't they in my local New Look!?!?!
    They were made for you, you wear them like a supermodel.

    Lucy xx

  • I agree with everyone you look gorgeous in this dress and those shoes are to die for!!

  • What can I add to all these lovely comments. I agree, LOL. No, I like pic nr.2, love the look and I'm a sucker for biker jackets look-a-like. The shoes are great but as u know, me cannot wear heels. Have a great week!

  • You played with so many textures that interest, see if I had something similar here. You look super long and well, there are few women who can hold a scarpin animal print.

  • This is the perfect way to use animal print. I love it in small doses– like shoes or a cardigan– with simple outfits. You look faboulous!

  • You look beautiful!!

  • What a beautiful, classic look!

  • love this outfit, especially with the leopard pumps! work it.

  • Some of my favorite outfits of yours are the ones like this where you totally sit right on the line of a really girly feminine look and an awesome edgy rocker look. I think some of MY favorite outfits kind of fall into that category too. Such an awesome combination, and you look gorgeous! And as always, the shoes are fabulous. You probably have the best shoe collection of anyone I've ever seen! 🙂

  • I heart those shoes! In the worst way!