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Does this look vintage?

January 24, 2011

The vest certainly is! I don’t know, I was going for a bit of a 60s feel. I almost put on a headband, y’know the ones that you wear like a very thin bandana? But then I imagined posing with a peace sign and thought ‘nah, too much’.





Yep, that’s a big packet of Lays French Cheese chips in my bag mehehehe.





H & M dress,  vintage vest, Splash tights, New Look boots, Koton bag


I had my performance evaluation at work today, three whole months at a corporate job! It went well, my boss had only one negative point which is my punctuality. I can never get in to work on time, like ever. I’m not too concerned though, it’s a job not my life but it has got me thinking about where I want to be in a year, career wise.


Do you dream of being a professional blogger? Or working in fashion? That makes two of us 🙂 But I’m guessing a lot of us have that dream.



I finally got around to designing my business cards and I LOVE them! I almost can’t bear to part with them but that would defeat the whole purpose, no?


Weesha's business card


I hope you are having a fabulous week, I’m hoping to receive an ASOS package this week- I got ‘WOAH BABY!!’ shoes and 2 pretty dresses. So, this is what’s keeping my excited so far. A little pathetic I know but wait till you see the shoes, you’ll understand 😉


Lots of Love Red heart





  • You've worked the swinging sixties era vibe with aplomb, very pretty!


  • Love the vest and congrats on reaching 3 months in your job

  • What a lovely outfit! 🙂 The vest doesn't look half as vintage as the dress!

    Ewww crisps! They're bad for your body and your skin… Anyways, I bet you know that 😛 But I really like the post. ♥

    xoxo fashionistasdiary

  • The combination of the print with the boot was just perfect!

  • I love this dress Weesha! I need something similar to transition from Winter to Spring (which I really hope is around the corner!)
    Love your blog as always 🙂


  • well done on the job honey, fashionably late and all 🙂 your businesscards are fab, perfect! You are inspiring me to get some too, have been thinking I should get some and leave them everywhere lol. You look beautiful! Lovely colours on you. Hope the chips were tasty moaaahahhaha 🙂 big love and say hi to the boyf <3

  • You look sensational!! I love everything about this outfit! You go girl! 😀


  • Love the look! A headband would have been too much, you're right!
    The quote on your business cards is so on the mark for you girl!

  • Hmmm is that the same pair of shoes which I think you've shown me before? Now I can't wait to see the 2 pretty dresses and I haven't even seen the maxi yet!

  • You look fabulous (as always) and yes – vintage too!

    PS. I featured you on my blog 🙂
    check it out!

  • Ree

    The bandana would have been a little too much to wear with the outfit, bout would've looked cute in one of the pic. cute outfit none the less babe

  • You look vintage indeed! I love that top because of the pattern! And pairing it with that vest was genius!!! I absolutely ADORE your business card!!! And I get really antsy before a package gets to my house! 🙂

  • Meg

    It looks great! The vest is just adorable and you look incredibly cute in it!

  • Your vintage outfit is successful!
    I love this H&M's dress but unfortunately it was small for me…

  • BBM

    ure outfit is very MOD and i love robert frost! u look swell weesha and i think those boots are calling my name!

  • A gogo girl. I had to think of Austin Powers movies. If you had a cropped do, you would fit in like a glove. I'm not suggesting you cut your hair though (just to be clear).

  • Love the dress on you! It's making me want to wear more patterns.

  • LOVE the business cards, girl! Very pretty 🙂

  • Just *had* to tell you how jealous I am of your business cards! LOVE them/it!

  • SVF

    i love the entire outfit!!!