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You’re in the jungle, baby!

December 19, 2010

Hee. Sorry! I’m still happy buzzing from the Guns N Roses concert this weekend!

Axl’s not too shabby, I don’t know what he was on with his crazy eyes but the show was better than I expected it to be. He did have more outfit changes than Nelly Furtado and Kanye West though and has he always looked like Kid Rock’s twin?


I didn’t wear this t shirt to the concert- I knew there would be loads of other girls wearing it (who doesn’t shop at H & M?) and I hate looking like everyone else.





My weekend is over already sadly, but it was a good one. I hope yours goes well too!


Happy Weekend Red heart



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  • So glad to hear you had a great time at the concert! So what did you wear? Just curious 😉

    xxx Charlie
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  • gorgeous!
    and i love that last quote!

  • sounds like you had a great time, love to know what you wore, maybe in your next post

  • Yes, who doesn't shop at H&M (coming from a H&M junkie). I'm still picturing the custom changes of Axl. Uhmmmmm.

  • love the outfit; it's something i'd wear!

    and, i don't shop at h&m. they don't have any where i live, and you can't buy online in the US… so i don't shop there unless i happen to be somewhere with an h&m, and even then i've never bought anything from them 😡

  • ma fille a le mm tee shirt ;O)

    bonne journee

  • Glad to hear you had fun, GNR played here last summer and Axl had a huge diva moment on stage.. I don't think they'll be coming back here for a while! Cute outfit, I love the colors. xoxo

  • You look brilliant honey!


  • Cute! I love the tee and your jacket!

  • I'm gald you had fun, I love that jacket!