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Weesha stars in another video

December 11, 2010

Here’s how it goes: The boyf and I are part of a Samsung Galaxy Tab contest where we both get free tabs (woohoo!) and we have to make two videos about this tab. The team with the most views, likes, comments, etc wins.


So that’s why I now own a Bazinga t-shirt! It’s part of our storyline for the video- we run into each other wearing the same t-shirt, fall in love, blah blah. It’s all a little cheesy and totally blush worthy but I know you’re so nice you’d still watch it for me, no? Plus, I received so many compliments on my waving skills in the video so you wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?





I bought a plain top from New Look and got the “Bazinga” screened on at a kiosk in Ibn Battuta Mall.



Who knew PUMA had cute bags? I got this with the 1000 aed voucher I won. I’m learning to live with the Ferrari logo on it.


In case you need some more incentive to watch the video:


  • My cute boyf is the star lead in it.
  • It’s got a great tour of Dubai- our city scape, malls, etc.
  • You get to see me blush and be awkward (and wave!)
  • How often is the chubby girl a love interest in a story line?
  • If you’re looking for a new phone, this vid is actually worth checking out!


Thank you for watching and please comment or like it on the Youtube page, I would love to win this contest!


Fall in Love with the Galaxy Tab


Love and hugs,

Red heart



  • Looks cool, but unfortunatly I can't look at the video cause youtube is telling it's full of content from this and that firm and I am not allowed to watch it in my contry >_> hate!

  • dc

    It's pretty cool and it's well filmed!
    Hope you will win!
    (Can I vote if I am from Canada?)

  • weesha! The production on this is amazing. You and your boyfriend(cutie) did a fantastic job on this. I love the film style and story telling.

  • SUCH a good job!! I love seeing ur city!!

  • Love! Best t-shirt eveerrrrrrrrr! Lol


  • that T-shirt rocks and you look super cute in the vid 🙂

  • that's the cutest video! Hope you guys win! and what a cute outfit, too. ^^

    xxx Charlie
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  • Aww cute video 🙂 I love that song so much, it gives me chills everytime!

  • tres jolie tenue et tjr resplendissante !

    une chose est sur je t envie ton soleil ici la neige s accumule non stop…


  • How cute! You are rocking that shirt though!

  • aw that's actually a very cute video! it makes me want to visit dubai.

    p.s. love the skirt 🙂

  • Wow that really good no kidding
    hope you win

  • This is AMAZING! well done girl! 😀 so professional looking, love the music, and scenery, Omg Dubai is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! <3
    really cute video! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!, hope you win!

  • I'm your new follower…your blog is fabulous! So glad I found it! 🙂

  • Liked and commented and wow wow wow, Dubai is amazing! Btw, I think the video is really cute. Good luck in the competition! I hope you win!

  • Work! I love how you paired these two together! You look tre chic and I adore!

    Congrats on the contest and I hope you win!

    Work it out my dear!