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We Love Colors Giveaway

December 5, 2010







When We Love Colors contacted me for a review, I wanted to be brave! Red leggings are hard for me to style, and I wanted something different instead of a monochrome outfit with bold tights. What do you think? Although I would prefer a military jackets instead of my boyf’s Jeanswest jacket, I like this look.

I have to say, I did get stared at a lot, these are bold but very gorgeous leggings. I love the fabric and quality because I don’t ever have to worry about laddering them, they’re even cat proof! And they’re opaque, I could barely see this scar on my leg but I think they’re still sexy just because of the hot colour. It’s finally chilly in Dubai so I will be wearing these a lot with boots but since they’re footless they’ll be fab when it’s warm too.


FYI I ordered a size A/B and these are very comfortable.


So on to the Giveaway part! Have you been wanting to try We Love Colors or do you LOVE We Love Colors? Well, you know the usual giveaway drill 🙂

Leave a comment here with your name and email, and you could win yourself a pair of solid coloured tights.

Of course, you get 1 additional entry for tweeting about this giveaway ( please tag me and We Love Colors in your tweet)

and 1 more entry for sharing it on your blog too (leave a link for me in the comments section).


Best of Luck Red heart


P.S I have a cold, complete with red nose and watery eyes so I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Don’t give up on me yet 🙂



  • I've been wanting to try We Love Colors for a while! Ariana –

    And I'm tweeting about it 🙂 @fatalefashion

  • Ohhh 🙂 I love WE LOVE COLORS, and could definitely use a colored pair. Awesome styling. I never would have thought to put the two styles together.


  • I really like this look, it's very edgy! I love your skirt, and the bold red tights seem to bring this outfit together and alive! Not to mention those boots of yours are sexayyy!

    Oooo enter me pretty please :
    LaCara –

    P.S. You still manage to look beautiful, despite a cold.


  • Great outfit! I love how the pop of red brings a little extra flare to the outfit!

    I dont own any tights, so it would be nice to win a pair! 😉

    Enter me please hun!

    -Christina <3

  • WEESHA!!! I LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!!! The tights work fine for me!!!! U look sooo cute, soo badass, and is that a dress or a skirt and then a top!!!

    Please enter me

    I will definitely mention it in my next blog post!!!

  • LeAnne you look HOT. I love this outfit!

    Enter me! 😀

    gazelma [at]

  • I'm too frugal to buy We Love Colors tights, so I'd love to win some.

  • The colour of your tights is amazing. Looks really great 🙂

    Vita (

  • What an awesome outfit! Those tights are slamming hot!

    And this is an awesome giveaway!


  • I'd love to copy that look! You've inspired me! Enter me as:

    Bailey –

  • Girl you look smoking as always even in front of a construction site? 😛 If people are staring, that would be because they are admiring you!

    I would love to win some tights!

    email me: themerrytraveller at

    Tweet coming right up!

  • I am dying for some of these! I put a few colors on my Xmas list but would definitely like another color on top of that!

  • PS, hope you feel better! I've been sick with a ridiculous cold lately too so I know how you're feeling 🙁

  • Eva

    I seriously need some new black tights because i have no idea where mine went! 🙁

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  • I have been wanting to try these…oddly enough I want some really good Black tights. Go figure.

  • fancyfatfemme

    what a great giveaway! love the red!

  • Love the army green-ish color contrasting with the bright red. Styling choice gets an A+!

    I've heard good things about We Love Colors and I'm glad you shared what size you got because I had contemplated getting some but always wonder about sizing.

    Tights are necessary almost year round where I live in Alaska!

  • What an adorable blog you have! 🙂 you inspired me to ignore my size and just go with the flow.
    Greetings from Venezuela! hahaha faar away from UAE I know.

  • Gorgeous tights! I have always wanted to see what red tights would look like on me!

    Name: Kathy


  • I've never tried anything from we love colours! Would like to, though 😉

    xxx Charlie
    Enter my Christmas Giveaway!

  • Lookin' goooodddd Weesha! Absolutely love the way you styled these tights. I'm scared to show off my lefgs but maybe some colorful tights would break me out of my shell 🙂 Thanks for the Giveaway opp!

  • i like the pop of red in that outfit.. plus the outfit too. very edgy!

    i'd like to be entered..

  • Alicia

    I have always wanted to try We Love Colors and after this post I will!


  • I definitely want in on this! I've never worn leggings (I know, I know) and have been really skeptical of them coming back in style but lately I really want a pair.


  • i am in desperate need for tights to go with my dresses!

  • I've heard great things about We Love Colors but I haven't gotten to try anything yet! I would love some new colorful tights to wear with my black sweater dress. laura dot allison 9 at gmail dot com.

  • I absolutely adore the color! Definitely daring, but not tacky.
    But I'd like to know how comfortable they are, and if it slides down when wearing it, if the waist band is strong enough, and if the fabric beads (I have huge thighs, so a lot of pants/trousers I own bead at inner thigh area when I wear them a lot)

    <3 Love 'em, tho! They look amazing on you.

    I'm @Yaranak 🙂

  • I do love all colours on my legs, especially the red ones 🙂 And you look just gorgeous in those leggins, do wear them more!

    matrioszka.w.sieci @

  • dont we just love coloured leggings

  • n

    love and love your hair
    you are so cute

  • I do love We Love Colors. Cute styling with the bold red! I'm totally going to have to start looking through your archives now.

  • love this outfit! The red adds such a fun appeal. would love to win!


  • Hi,
    Enter me please!You don't mention if it is an international giveaway but I entered…
    I've been wanting to try "We Love Color"
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)

  • You did those leggings justice! The outfit is perfect! I would wear it myself!

  • What a fierce look! You totally pulled this off and made the rest of us seriously jealous. I'm going to be looking for some red leggings / tights ASAP!!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! I even liked We Love Colors' facebook fan page. 🙂


  • How did you know that I am lusting after colorful tights? I'm crossing my fingers….

    francesjsantiago at gmail dot coma

  • Anonymous


  • Yay! Count me in! 🙂

    Name: Monik
    Tweet this giveaway here.

  • I love your outfit, the military details with a pop of color is great! I would love to win a pair of tights…

  • You look great! I love the way you styled the tights!
    I'd love a new pair of tights! 🙂

    Love me…Love me not

  • enter me please! 😉
    You look FAb btw! <3

  • I LOVE the red tights…You are defiantly rockin' them! I own a pair myself. Nothing brightens up an outfit like colorful tights! 🙂