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Summer’s still strong

September 23, 2010

I’m very jealous of everyone who’s been talking about clinging on to summer and cool weather. Dubai’s weather doesn’t seem like it’s going to be nice to us anytime soon 🙁

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I know I’m really late but I decided to check out Mad Men this week and I’m so hooked! I think I’m more in love with Betty Draper’s wardrobe than the show, and I’m always checking out the furniture, jewellery and things instead of paying attention to the drama that’s going on. I didn’t know Christina Hendricks plays the office bitch! omg I love hating her because I totally knew someone like that at work lol. So far, I’m loving Betty and Peggy and Don Draper is such a dog. I know he’s supposed to be sexy but he looks a lot like my Uncle Johnny so it’s sometimes creepy for me to watch him making out. Ew.

Anyway, I’m off to check out what’s going on with you, everyone’s talking about the new Beth Ditto line. Don’t throw knives at me for this, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m not really impressed. With the exception of the olive maxi dress & the floral one, I think everything else is just ok and I think her previous line was heaps better. That’s just my two cents, prove me wrong though and I’d be glad about it.

Speaking of collections, have you seen Stephanie’s new line with La Redoute? Seriously, she can’t do anything wrong, I’m so in love!

It’s our weekend here so Happy Weekend 🙂



  • The color of that top looks really great on you, and I love the neckline! And you're wearing floral culottes! Yay=)
    I am apparently alone in the world in this opinion, but I really think Mad Men is no more than just okay. Are you watching The Vampire Diaries, though? It is completely my guilty pleasure!
    I like the new Ditto line, didn't love it. But I do *need* that skirt with the hearts on it! I just feel like it screams: "Look at me! I'm not ashamed of my fat arse!" *And* it has multi colored hearts on it!:=)

  • I love Stéphanie, I can't wait for oct 19th.
    Nice shorts and that you can still wear them. I am a little jealous. LOL!

  • I'm a little jealous of the heat… we have to wait another million (9) months before it warms up again, I'll switch with you!

  • You're looking rather pretty(in fushia pink:)today(love the feminine outfit and colors:)?


  • I love the shorts, they look great on you! I got a pair a few weeks ago, similar to the ones you're wearing, from Dorothy Perkins, but they don't seem to sit right on me 🙁 and it's just raining, raining, raining in London…bah!

  • Love your look, as always! I am a Mad Men junkie, and you have to start watching the show from the beginning to get the full effect. I ove Christina Hendricks as Joan, she is my girl crush!


  • Hello there!

    I just wanted to thank you so much for dropping by my blog and following! After checking out your blog I am utterly blown away. You have such a beautiful style and an equally beautiful confidence about yourself. I love how you rock what you what and don't give a darn what people think! (I loved your bathingsuit post. You go!) I really admire you.

    I'm proud to say you that I'm a new follower! You are very inspiring 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Greatings, Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! 🙂