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Soaking up the sun

September 3, 2010

Since the boyf started work this week, we decided to enjoy his last day of freedom at the beach. He used to be a national champion swimmer or something, I don’t know, so he kept making me play stupid diving games or teaching me different strokes and what not. Clearly him and I have different ideas about beach ‘fun’.  I like floating around in the water, chilling and getting my tan on, NOT having gallons of salt water shoved up my nose and burning eyes. Anyway, it was still a fun and relaxing day and the boyf is so jealous of my new tan muahaha!

I didn’t have a swim suit but luckily enough, BHS has a major sale for plus size swim suits. This one is a size 14 and I was aiming for a vintage look but I don’t think it worked out so well. Screw it though, you’re supposed to be messy and wet at the beach not perfect looking.





I think the last time I wore a bikini, I was 3 yrs old? But I didn’t want to be a chubby girl in a t shirt feeling self conscious and sad about the other girls around in their swimsuits. Life is too freakin’ short.  This is the only body I’ll ever have, this is the only life I will ever live and I’m not going to stop myself from enjoying it because other people think I’m ugly. Besides, I wasn’t the only plus size girl at the beach, there were women of all ages and sizes. So just wear whatever you want ladies, fuck everyone else- IT’S YOUR LIFE. And there are more important things in this life than looking ‘perfect’ in a swimsuit.

If you’re looking for swim suit inspiration, check out these ladies:

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Link me up please if you rocked a swim suit lately, sharing is caring 🙂



  • u look great! :D… i love the high waisted suit… so glam!

  • B.

    you can be sure of one think : I'm not a personn that finds you ugly.
    You're amazing on these picture : you seem happy with your body & … yes your curvy body is beautiful! for real 🙂

  • You look so cute and pretty and everything! GO YOU!!

  • Um, hellow GORGEOUS! That suit was made for you and your beautiful curves! Way to go…those other girls were way jealous!

    p.s. your boyfriend is a cutie 😉

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • You look absolutely beautiful! LOVE your cute little polka dot bikini, and those high-waisted bottoms are spectacular!!! Way to flaunt your curves and not care wat others think, U are such an inspiration! ♥

    -Christina <3

  • Love that swimsuit it looks great on you. It looks very. Hmmm rockabilly. I dig it! Must get one for next summer

  • GORGEOUS! I have been thinking about getting a bikini for my Vegas trip and you've just inspired me even more! I think the suit looks great and you definitely have that vintage look going on!

  • Love it!! You look retro glam! I hear what you're saying girlie, just live life & stop stressing bout ya size, life is too short, so I agree 100%! Werk it girl!


  • Love it!! You look retro glam! I hear what you're saying girlie, just live life & stop stressing bout ya size, life is too short, so I agree 100%! Werk it girl!


  • You look great! As always! <3

  • You are totally rocking that swimsuit! LOVE IT!

  • You are totally rocking that swimsuit! LOVE IT!

  • fabulous. very retro!

  • *I* think your attempt at a vintage look worked out very well:=)
    You're wearing a BIKINI, I admire you so much right now!
    I'm so with you on the not wanting to be the chubby, or in my case fat, girl at the beach in a t-shirt.

  • really cute swimsuit and really great words you wrote. you are truly beautiful inside and out.

  • Wow, look at you rock that bikini! *wolf whistle* You look great.

  • you look amazing, would love to rock that retro feel on the beach. LuAnne, you are a catch! georg! <3

  • Fabulous Fifties Fox voom voom voom!

    Bella! Bella! Bella!

    You're so cool:)

  • Looking like a beautiful pin up my dear! That's so funny about him trying to teach you to do all sorts of swimming strokes. It kind of reminded me of when we were younger… my older cousins were always trying to do that to us… and even when we ended up on the swim team, everyone always wanted to do races and blah blah blah and I'm like "can I just float around and get a tan, please?"

  • SO cute! Love the polka dots! I finally bought a new bathing suit this summer and also got a black and white polka dots one piece. Sadly I was not brave enough to show a pic. So proud and inspired by you!!

  • You are gorgeous!!!!

  • Yay!!! You look like a pin up in that bikini! I love bikinis and I never wear a swimsuit! Loved the outfit and the pics! 🙂

  • You look gorgeous!
    LOVE that suit !!!!!!

  • Hello Beautiful!! you look lovely! love this bikini on you. and thanks for the link love.
    You got a beautiful body girl!

  • You look awesome. I love that retro bathing suit.

  • I love the suit, you look really beautiful!

  • Well done Weesha, you took a big step by wearing a bikini to a beach for us plus sized girls! I know it sounds silly, but I think when we wear what "NORMAL OMG" people wear that we prove that we are, in fact, normal people. Sure we have a bit more fat on us, but so what? You've proved to everyone who saw you on that day that plus sized girls can look absolutely beautiful and very sexy wearing bikinis.
    Ps. You look FAB.
    Devon xx

  • I love your attitude!!! Yo go girl! and the suit. You and boyf are so cute 🙂 thanks for all the cute looks you post!

  • i love you so much for wearing a bikini!
    and it was super cute
    and flattering.

  • omg too cute, you and your honey are adorable and I love your suit it's so pretty! <3

  • 'So just wear whatever you want ladies, fuck everyone else- IT’S YOUR LIFE.'

    woidz to live by – people, take note!! : )

  • Karoenna

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! (from Brasil!)