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Petal Pusher

September 10, 2010

I have been dying to show you this skirt, I just needed an excuse to wear it because it’s much too fancy and special for everyday wear. Thankfully, we had a birthday party this weekend so I finally got to wear it.

It’s everything a chubby or hippy or girl with a tummy is told not to wear but I feel like a super star in this skirt. It’s so deliciously girly and it makes me wish I had one of these  twisty board workout things so I could just shake my ruffles all day 😀

Matalan petal skirt






Matalan skirt, Dorothy Perkins belt, Nine West shoes, New Look flower pin.

The clutch was a gift from a friend and this top is too ancient for me to remember where it’s from. I think this skirt wins the title of my favourite skirt, ever!

Gorgeous Anna Miriam was nice enough to feature Weesha’s World on her website, I’m so flattered because she always posts the coolest happenings in Dubai, be it local artists, designers or competitions. Her website is the place to go to find out what’s hot in Dubai!

The coolest thing about these features is that it’s people being supportive of a plus size blogger, It means that not everyone thinks only a particular body size is acceptable, how awesome is that? I know I sound ridiculously optimistic when I say this but I really hope that pretty soon, plus size fashion bloggers won’t have a cause to fight anymore. Style would be obvious and size would be oblivious. I’m happy with baby steps for now though 🙂

P.S. Eid Mubarak!!  Ramadan is finally over and Dubai is back to it’s traffic jams, packed food courts and party life!



  • looooooooooooooooove it! you rock! my fave superstar <3 I say screw do`s and dont`s, including that it is to fancy for everyday 🙂 LOL lots of love, Anika

  • I love that skirt! I´d totally wear it as everyday day wear personally! xxx

  • Omg that skirt is just too cute for words! I love it!! and congrats on your feature 🙂

  • Meg

    I'm in love with this outfit. Seriously, how do you manage to look SO beautiful all the time?! I'm also very glad for you to be featured because you totally deserve it!

  • Ooooo girl you look beautiful! That skirt was meant for you! And Congrats on your feature! 😀


  • omg so cute!! I love love love that skirt! GIVE IT HERE!! lol

  • Teehee, how frilly and gorgeous is that skirt! Very nice. x

  • You look sooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! And that skirt is total perfection! 😀 I love it!!!!! <3


  • great skirt and clutch! you look wonderful, my dear 🙂

  • You look like a beautiful flower! I love this kinds of skirts, and as we were told not to wear, it makes me love them even more LOL
    And I'm love with your clutch! I'ts beyond gorgeous! Have a great weekend dear!

  • you look absolutely fantastic! the skirt is gorgeous, love the colour, too. 🙂

  • This skirt is amazing. Fantastic! Superb! I want it.

  • That skirt is great. It looks lovely on you. The shape is flattering and I love the petal detail. The hot pink color is wonderful too of course! xo

  • Hi there,
    I can't find your e-mail and would like to get in touch, would you mind sending me an e-mail to so I can contact you. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Weesha!
    I read you regularly and ti's the first time I write you a comment.
    I love your style!
    This outfit is chic and so funcky. You are sublime!
    I like the combination of pink skirt and leopard purse!

    You know my English is not perfect and I'm sorry lol, I'm in Paris

  • You *do* look like a superstar in that skirt! Love that you're defying the naysayers!:) If I may offer some con crit, I think I would have used a more bodycon shirt with that skirt. Flowy on top and flowy on bottom makes for a little bit too much flowy, in my humble opinion.
    Eid Mubarak!

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  • That skirt is soooo adorable:-)

  • I feel any girl(whatever her dress size) can look beautiful / pretty / gorgeous if they wear it with confidence and a smile(That's how I see you:)!

    Hot pink hot legs!

  • That is suck a unique skirt! It looks beautiful on you:)

  • That is suck a unique skirt! It looks beautiful on you:)

  • I am in LOVE with this skirt…it looks absolutely AWESOME on you!

  • u look so beautiful…Weesha!!!! I love that skirt and your hair up was a great choice!!!

  • Ahh, I love this skirt! It reminds me of wearing a flower or something. It's so romantic and feminine, and the color is so beautiful. If you ever want to pass it along, I'll still be here, lol. You look beautiful in it!

  • This look is very pretty. I may have to come to Dubai to take that skirt from you.