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September 9, 2010

I gotta be honest with you, I’m a little sick of seeing my face here. It’s like I’m bored of my own blog or something- another toothy smile, another outfit, yada yada. So no outfit post today but instead I thought it would be cool to share some of my favourite make up.

I’m a girl on a budget sadly, so I stick to drugstore make up which I think is pretty good because I’m not really into paying 50% more just for a brand name. I am dying to try anything from MAC but it is a bit pricey and I’ve heard the “once you try MAC, you can’t go back” line too often. And I’d rather spend my money on clothes 😀

So here’s what I wear on a regular basis


I love Bourjois for their mascaras, eye shadows and cute packaging. I’ve tried their foundations before and was disappointed but I’m such a sucker for mousse foundation and as far as I know, Bourjois doesn’t test on animals ( unlike Maybelline, L’oreal and Max Factor). This is my favourite foundation by far, it’s really light to wear, covers up my scars, blends well with my skin, controls my super oily skin and stays on all day despite Dubai’s heat. And I have hardly had any breakouts since I’ve started using it. It’s almost like magic 🙂


This was my previous foundation and it was awesome for covering up scars and staying on for a while. But :

it is a heavy coverage foundation

I  think it started clogging my pores and causing breakouts. I guess it’s probably not a good idea to wear something this heavy in Dubai’s crazy hot weather, I would get sticky and sweaty and I could  feel the foundation on my face.

And the summer sun was tanning me up so it didn’t even  match my skin colour anymore.

But I was using this for almost two years and it worked really well in winter and a lot of girls I know are big fans, so maybe it might work for you 🙂


I use this over my foundation, it matches my skin exactly so it blends my foundation better. Plus. it’s super light and non- chalky, and when it’s over you can buy refills at half the price!


I didn’t even know Forever 21 had make up, I just randomly picked this up at the cashiers counter and I’m quite pleased with it. It was super cheap, gives a nice shimmery glow (but nothing fake looking) and stays on. I’m definitely going to try out more of F21’s beauty products.


This Bourjois Clubbing waterproof eye pencil totally lives up to it’s name. I’ve gone clubbing, swimming and braved Dubai and India’s heat with this baby and it never even smudges. Even my oily skin doesn’t smudge this and the only way I can get it is with a make up remover. I use this as an eye liner on my lower lids and apply a winged line on my lash line.


I’m also a fan of Prestige eyeliners too, they’re very soft and perfect for a slight smokey eye. 


I’m still using the  Revlon Double Twist mascara and it does a good job but it’s almost over and I would love to try some thing new, maybe something that has a false eyelashes effect. Any suggestions??

When it comes to other stuff like eyeshadows, I like Prestige, Bourjois, Everyday Minerals, Revlon and NYX.

For lip glosess & lipsticks, I use Nivea, NYX and Revlon but I usually end up licking all of these off within 1- minutes anyway.

So, these are my make up regulars. What do you use? Do have any fave products that you wouldn’t be able to live without?? Let me know!

P.S I got featured over at The Voluptua Project, check them out- they’re pretty cool!



  • Cool post… I was thinking about doing something like this soon, too! I use BareEscentuals matte foundation for my face, but I'm noticng the matte doesn't last as long as the regular kind, which is a bummer cause it's kind of expensive. I also use BareEscentuals powder eyeliner too… but I also buy really cheap eyeshadow (like CoverGirl or something similar), and use the eyeshadow as liner as well!

    As for mascara, I love CoverGirl Lash Blast, non waterproof though because the waterproof seriously sticks onto my lashes and it's hard to get off!

  • Samantha

    Hello Weesha! Some days I have been following your blog and I have been surprised at what you write. His first post was beautiful !!!!! I'm fat and I can not accept me, I never could. I am looking for days as their blogs on the internet to see if I can accept my condition. I am Brazilian and I hope to keep in touch with you. I am also thinking of creating a blog you inspired me. Kisses, hope you read this and try to answer me. My twitter is @ sanzinhaa if he wanted to keep contact.

  • Hey Jill, we don't get cover girl here sadly :/ I've heard a lot of people compare Bare escentuals and Everyday minerals foundation and some people like Everyday Minerals better because it was cheaper and had less chemicals, you should check them out! their foundations didn't fare will in the heat over here though so I stopped using them.

    Hi Samantha, I'm so glad you like my blog! I don't have twitter so I don't know if you'll read this messaage- I just wanted to tell you that you should start your own blog! It's the most rewarding experience ever. Let me know if you do, I can be your first follower 😀

  • Congrats on the write up! It was a nice piece, I thought!

  • Hi sweetheart! first off, I never get tired of seing your beautiful face 🙂

    I also would love to try mac but haven`t, because I also prefer to spend my hard earned cash on clothes LOL

    many congrats on the feature, fab stuff. I also checked out your website for your business, it looks great! would def hire you if I lived in Dubai 🙂

    sending you lots of love, Anika

  • I agree with you, I much prefer to invest in clothes. Also because I'm allergic to some brands. Here, use Avon, Revlon, Loreal and other places that do not disappoint me.
    But I say, not tired of the blog, its loonks are amazing and your smile inspiring.


  • sRa

    Okay girl…
    1. you're absolutely gorgeous
    2. you can go sleeveless
    3. mac isn't that expensive really if you do the pro palettes the shadows are only $9-11. However I find wet N wild shadows to be pretty comparably good! no brand has the range of colors mac does but i only actually ever wear neutrals, no matter how much i love all the colors.
    4. i wear a little concealer and pressed powder as foundation cuz I get sick of all the steps and loose mineral powder is so messy…the one i love is Carmindy's line by Sally Hansen – it's at CVS here. I swear with the right powder you don't need foundation.