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Butterflies instead

September 5, 2010


New Look blazer: Splash shorts: Mom’s striped top: Blanco bag: Aldo shoes

I don’t have much to say today besides thank you for your compliments on the swim suit post. It was something I was unsure of doing because you don’t exactly want your  real life friends looking at you half naked. But I don’t think any of them really read my blog and if they do, well, they just got to know me a little better?

But  I‘m trying my best to practice what I preach although I confused at how I can skip the going sleeveless stage and go straight to the bikini stage. Yet I’m still too self conscious to show my arms. I know, I’m a weirdo but it’s ok, many people say it’s part of my charm lol 😛

Anyway, today is actually a sad reminder of my past, but I’m commending myself for choosing butterflies.

When it comes to relationships, maybe we’re all in glass houses, and shouldn’t throw stones. Because you can never really know. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies- Carrie Bradshaw

It’s your weekend, isn’t it? how lucky are you? make sure it’s a good one!



  • Looking good(as usual:) Si*star!

  • This is such a great look! You have so much charm!

  • Cute! I'ts so funny this separation between our real friends and our blog friends, lately I got the chance to know a lot of my virtual friends in person and this line is getting thinner (the only thing getting thinner around here lol).
    It's like I have this secret identity, my blog one, and people in my real life that don't know what I really think.Closer friends have my blog via email, and the ones that are not so close, people at work, bf's family I use a huge poker face, because, even though I'd love to say what I really think out loud lol!
    I love your blog, but u probably know that by now, right? 🙂

  • I love the blazer with shorts! I've been planning on doing that when it's cooler around here.

    I think you would look great in sleeveless. You look amazing in a swimsuit, so sleeveless is no biggie. I know what you mean though, because I only recently started wearing sleeveles since I have flabby arms, but I refuse to pass up cute clothes just because someone else doesn't like my arms.

    You're awesome anyway!

  • You're very photogenic. Love the sandals! Great blog too, just followed. =D

    x Mavy

  • Meg

    I love this outfit! It's both casual and a bit formal as well. The blazer is fab!

  • Your semi-stripey top makes me cofused, hehe. Love the blazer, and the bag, and your gorgeous face though!
    We all deserve butterflies, and if you're found them I am really happy for you!

  • lookin' good as always. love the locale of the pictures, very unique 🙂

  • cute outfit, love it.

  • cuteness!!!

    I love that bag and your shoes so cute!

  • btw I LOVE carrie quotes one of my faves!!

  • Anonymous

    Hola, De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? 🙂