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Another one bites the dust

September 26, 2010

This weekend had it’s ups and downs and this was one of the downs:P9260492

The seemingly innocent culprits of course:

*what?? we were just napping, we didn’t chew up yet another pair of your  favourite shoes”


Apart from the shoe murder tragedy, most of the weekend went well. I had a blast at the Splash Fashion Show and After Party, pictures and an awesome video of the show will be uploaded soon 🙂

And my mom, as an act of truce perhaps since she’s been commenting about my weight gain and darker skin (oh the horror *eye roll*), got me this cute top! It’s probably from the Deira souks area but it’s quite comfy and I like the print.

leopard print jeans and top     leopard print jeans and topleopard print jeans and topleopard print jeans and topweesha1

Was your weekend cool, too? The boy is on prozac over new seasons of Dexter, The Cleaveland Show and Family Guy starting tomorrow, you’d think it was Christmas or something :/





  • Lovely, flattering top;streamlines your figure!

    Cats are gorgeously-cute wee 'monsters' as usual, I guess it's there perogative being relatively young felines chewing anything thy can lay their wee paws on.

  • OH MY GOSH! I love this top! Very cute 🙂

    That's so funny about your mom harassing you about "darker skin". One of my friend's families is from Chennai… and she is ALWAYS freaking out about being in the sun in the summer so her mom won't yell at her for it. I'm always joking around trying to get her to "give some of her tan to me instead". 🙂

  • Bastet aussi plus jeune adorait se faire les griffes sur les chaussures…

    heureusement ca lui ait passe…apres j adore l air innocent de tes chats ;O)

    bonne semaine !

  • those pants are great! bad kitties for ruining your shoes 🙁

  • I would cry if my cat did that to my shoes, the worse he does is pee on my clothes… granted, it's still bad but, I can at least wash those!

    I love the shirt your mom got you, it looks great 🙂

  • My kitties ruin my purses, problem is, I don't know who to blame, plus the yelling would sound like "blah, blah, blah, blah right?

    I got an animal print cardigan this weekend. Your mom and i were on the same wavelength.

  • I'm really liking the animal prints on you, they look very flattering and not over the top. I really have to try it out soon.

    Sorry about the kitties ruining your shoes. I've had my fair share of shoes and other things destroyed by my dogs too.

    What is it with the dark skin thing? My mom is like that too. Most recently she told my brother, who is dark, to not go out with someone darker than him because you can't have 2 dark people together, because imagine the babies. I was like WTF? Are you serious?

  • And once again, your incredible sense of style never ceases to amaze me.

  • Wow! hey really ruined your shoes! I assume you have toys that they can scratch and that they prefer your shoes LOL I have two close friends that have 2 cats each (like you) and I'm gonna ask them for some tips about how to avoid this kinda thing. Lovely top! And I love these shoes of yours:)

  • cute top, can't beleve your mom found it for you!

  • You do have really excellent taste in shoes! Although, how you managage to walk in most of them I have no idea!
    Great quote:=)

  • Oh no, your shoes!!! You hear/read this a lot but you have beautiful hair. Cute top too.

  • and this is why i don't have pets 😛 sorry to hear about your shoes!

  • Your cats are so cute that you can't blame them lol! but your shoes were too beautiful!
    I understand that you love the leopard print and me too!
    so sexy!

  • Oh no! Shoe murder! But they are really too cute.

    And is that double leopard? Stunning!

  • I like your top a lot! Leopard print does wonders for all body types.

    A very nice look!