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Woah, it’s August already?

August 1, 2010

Could this year fly by any quicker? Feels like just yesterday I was telling you about my first “date” with the future boyf ( i wasn’t even sure if it was a date. Actually, I still don’t know.)

Anyway, I am heavily into corals, peaches and pinks now, I guess because they’re such warm, deliciously pretty shades and can wake up any outfit. This Matalan cardigan is really lightweight so it’s cool for summer and I love the bright colour. I got this skirt from the swimwear/ beach stuff section at Peacocks, it was on sale for 20 AED only and it came with another blue skirt- score!! They had purples and greens too but I’ve been searching for a simple white skirt for ages.


I like the detail on the bust area because it pulls it in a bit as opposed to just hanging there with no shape.


And today the cats had their first bath muahaha. No, it had nothing to do with them chewing up my new peep toe booties or covering the entire living room floor with bread. They just needed one I swear. It was a lot quicker and painless than I expected and they seemed to like being cuddled up in towels at the end hehe 🙂

cats ,

I stood on a weighing scale yesterday and learnt that I weigh 15 kgs more than my boyf. Part of me wants to punch him because he polishes off a whole plate of brownies covered in chocolate syrup and m&ms without gaining a kg. ARGH. But it’s cool because my rational side knows this:



It would be nice if he got a little fat though.



  • Hi sweetie, I know how you feel! I don`t want the summer to end!

    Anyways, I love the coral! just got a coral top today that I am thinking of what to do with for a dress. I also love the mix of coral and black and white 🙂

    hope your weekend is going well!

  • liz

    i really like this post!

    cute outfit.

  • Very cute outfit. And what a pair of legs.. I want that to, LOL ;o)

    Im new follower to your blog and I allready love it ;o)

  • haha, who doesn't love some love handels. LOL. Me and J actually weigh about the same, But I think I weigh a couple of kilos more…it is so true with that pic, you're not a number. 🙂 you look beautiful in that outfit.

  • tres jolie tenue et tes chats sont trop mignonnnnnnnnnnnnnns ;O)

  • great post! love the new skirt and the cardi. the cats are always so cute ^^

  • S

    You look lovely. Coral is such a beautiful colour for summer and that cardigan is so nice. I can't believe it's August already…we haven't even had proper summer weather yet!

    S x

  • I can't believe it's August already either. It feels like time flies now that I'm older. I remember it going sooo slowly when I was little! 🙂
    Anyway, I love the coral cardigan! You're right, it really does add that perfect pop of color. You look absolutely beautiful as usual!

  • I'm completely envious of how good you look/how good your hair looks in a ponytail!
    LOVE the scale pic!

  • I agree. Summer is not over yet. I love the skirt and top combo, you look so cute.

  • This year really is flying for some reason. I can't wait until fall and winter so I don't have to suffer in this heat!

    I know how you feel about weighing more than your bf, I'm married to tall thin man. I like him that way, but man it sucks to weigh more than him. There was a time when he gained weight and I was secretly happy that he was getting fat, lol. but of course he went back to work and got thin again. oh, well! I love how when your partner loves you they only see beauty in you. My husband calls my stretch marks "love marks." Corny I know, but sweet nonetheless.

  • You look very pretty here!


  • LOVE this! colors look so wonderful on you 🙂

  • you are so so so pretty!

  • totally love this outfit!

    awesome! 😀

  • What a great post! So glad I found your blog, you are beautiful! I love your outfit – so pretty how you put everything together. 🙂

    Lexy of BeautyFash

  • I looove coral, just bought a sweater in that color. I know what you mean, I'm almost or at the same weight as my husband, and I'm 1,62 and he's 1,92 meters tall. I'm fat and he's thin, ces't la vie… I almost had a weight complex like women are not supposed to weight more than their husband kinda shit, but, hey, screw it! We are what we are and the fact that some people eat a plate of cookies and stay the same and others are fatter just means that we are all built differently! Missed you!:)

  • you are absolutely stunning i love your cute casual yet stylish clothes and you have such a beautiful face , i love that curly hair and i like your curves you are absolutely beautiful ^^

  • you are absolutely stunning i love your cute casual yet stylish clothes and you have such a beautiful face , i love that curly hair and i like your curves you are absolutely beautiful ^^

  • I am not a big fan of pets, but your cats are so cute. I'm sure my daughter will like them. She likes cats, and dogs, and cows, blah..blah.. blah 🙂