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August 7, 2010

I find that when I don’t blog for two days I have too much to tell you here. I’ll be as brief as possible, swear.
First of all, you guys were right about the wisdom teeth thing. It wasn’t painful at all and still isn’t. The only things I can complain about are looking like an idiot when trying to eat because I can’t open my mouth wide enough as usual. The jaw is a little sore but it’s nothing major.
I was wide awake and  trembling the whole time, I really could’ve lived without seeing the dentist stitching and yanking my teeth with pliers. Or those giant needles. And the big, bloody mess of a tooth. It was all a little too Saw- ish for me and I kept imagining him slipping and tearing a hole through my face.  Blegh, And these meds- they make me even more spacey than usual and wtf is up with my tongue feeling like it’s covered in cotton.
Ok, end rant. I have to go through it one more time for the ones on the right but at least I know what to expect. The plus point  is that the only thing I seem to be able to taste is Nutella, so it’s been a comforting friend lately 😛
Secondly, thank you so much for participating in the give away! it’s great to see everyone’s comments and links to the post, I’m really happy you like the gifts 🙂
Thirdly, we went to the beach to take pictures and the boyf once again took amazing pics. Seriously, I am so lucky ♥ He also side braided my hair today, he knows how to do hair! and he cooks, and buys me pretty shoes and I’m so marrying this dude lol.
 DSC04562DSC04570DSC04601    DSC04595DSC04577 DSC04584

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.
Iris Murdoc



  • Ria

    Ah, nutella…I quite love this one!
    The photos are amazing!I love the sea!:)

  • B.

    nutellaaaaaaaa… I love it ! but… it hurts my teeth :'(
    you look like a princess on these pictures on the beach.

    ps: I read in english aaaaaall your post & I tought my boyfriend would kill me !!! it was so funny & it helps practise my english! so thank youuu!!

  • absolutely beautiful and dreamy 🙂 great pics, and I really want to swim in that sea! My hon wanted me to colour my hair dark mahogny, but I married him anyways LOL. love the sidebraid! <3

  • i love these photos, and your shorts! also, you look like my body twin in these pics 😀

  • i love your outfit!

  • I have to visit the dentist not looking forward to it.
    Pics looks amazing, and did i hear marry, oooh things are certainly hotting up in weeshas world, go girl

  • tu es magnifique et quel cadre !

    bon w end ;O)

  • lovely photos! i love the beach and sunset too! but couldn't bear the weather this summer. I hope its already Oct tomorrow. 🙂

  • Lovely carefree pics(You're so blessed to have a lovingly-attentive b'f:)


  • gorgeous photos, and I love how happy you sound! so comforting to hear that someone didn't feel pain with getting the wisdom teeth out… I'm so freakin scared to go to the dentist.

  • You look cute! I've been avoiding this whole wisdom tooth operation for a while, but with your encouragement I might finally get ready for it! I indicated your blog with a little stamp, check it out! 🙂

  • Beautiful pics

  • these photos are beautiful!!

  • Nice sandy afternoon. Love your hair. I once dreamed of having curly thick hair like yours. Awww 🙂