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Shorts Attention Span

August 13, 2010


Clearly, you have enough inspiration to try out shorts this summer 🙂

P.S Feel free to link up in comments if you’ve recently rocked an awesome pair of summer shorts!



  • Wow! I can't remember the last time I wore shorts (even around the house). Actually, I think I remember wearing a red pair when I was about 9!!

    You def. have the legs for shorts Weesha!

  • B.

    they're all so sexy honey

  • thanks for including me in this sweetie! i wish you guys all lived in Southern California with me! then we could rock shorts 365 days of the year 😉


  • I think shorts look lovely on all of these ladies, but I've never really liked them on myself, unfortunately. It's been ages since I've worn them– probably since the last time I was at band camp (yes, I was a nerd in high school) and basically had to wear them if I didn't want to die of heat stroke.

  • I have trouble with shorts too. I usually only wear them around the house, and if I do go out in them it's in my bermuda shorts. Here's a link to one of the couple of times I've worn short shorts.

  • I love when you do these posts 🙂 And this has inspired me to head on out and buy some shorts tomorrow.

  • thanks for the love, luv. Hugz and kisses <3 😀 all the ladies look amazing in shorts! YAY FOR SHORTS!

  • I really wish I was a shorts kinda girl! They all look amazing!

  • I love these posts! the shorts all look great 🙂 I`ll be sure to check them all out. hope u are feeling better. sending you warm thoughts all the way from my side of the world <3 xx

  • Shorts, shorts, shorts! I love this post. Various fashion styles… I have inspired particularly by Cuvious Fancy, Fashion Rehab, Weavable Dreams

  • Super cute ladies

  • Beautifully-hot chicks(I love their healthy atitude to life:)!


  • I think all the ladies pictured look fab in their shorts! Rock on ladies! 🙂

  • Thanks for the feature. I never used to wear shorts until this summer and now I'm addicted to them. I'm even wearing shorts right now lol =D

  • Hello Weesha. So sweet of you to include me here. Thanks! :))

  • BBM

    thanks for the love my dubai princess!

  • i love this!

  • 🙂

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