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Pity Party

August 9, 2010

My day has been an absolute pity fest, I’m so disgusted at myself just thinking about it. All the wisdom teeth pain has caught up with me today and the meds aren’t doing a thing besides making me ridiculously woozy and sleepy. My day consisted of:

  • visiting church
  • whining
  • sleeping
  • chasing the cats around the apartment (surprisingly fun)
  • resisting urges to slap the crap outta the boyf for every time he said *there’s a big hole in your mouth- of course it’ll hurt.” Lord of the Obvious, he is sometimes.
  • Forgiving him because he cooked amazing roasted potatoes and salmon for me.
  • Forgiving him even more because it’s cute how he narrates everything he does while cooking. I don’t know if he does this in the hopes of me learning (buahahaha sure) or he thinks he’s on some imaginary cooking show.
  • Watching Amelie. The most charming and prettiest movie I have ever seen!
  • stressing out about the boyf finding a job soon
  • feeling weirdly queasy and restless
  • and reminding myself that there’s worse pain than this. Like watching  Keeping up with the Kardashians or something.

So, in order to avoid having a repeat weakling day, I’ve made a plan of action for tomorrow:

  • paint my nails neon pink
  • chase the cats around the apartment some more ( much more fun than chasing dogs who for some reason always end up chasing you)
  • pig out on ice cream
  • condition my hair so it’s all shiny and I’ll feel pretty
  • go out for a walk. Almost dying in this heat should be a good distraction from the pain, no?
  • Make an inspiration style file post perhaps, I’ve been meaning to do one on shorts- everyone seems to be rocking them lately.
  • Get drunk. ( I’m still considering the pros and cons of this)

Anyway, I’ll let you know how this list works out.

I wore this sweater dress on the day I went to the dentist but never posted it because I was kinda sedated after it. At least I got my teeth yanked out in style?

The boyf chose this dress, it’s not something I would normally buy because I like waist defining stuff. It’s comfortable as hell though.


Ok, I’m off to bed now- I just want to sleep this stupid pain off and I hope you won’t have to read about my wisdom teeth ever again. I’ll try my best not to blog about it tomorrow, swear.

Thanks for being a part of my day with your comments and, I hope your weekend is an amazing one 🙂



  • i love this look! its very simple but sooo chic =D

  • Super cute Weesha i love that sweater dress , we dont have a peacocks in the U.S but i always hear a lot of bloggers mention it!


  • Your bf got good taste!

    Feel better gorgeous! love that necklace!

    cheers, Jesa 🙂

  • N'awwww Lu! I hope you feel better soon!! And your bf has impeccable taste, you look beautiful as always! 🙂


  • Weesha, love to make lists, even if I don't accomplish them….

  • You look smoking, Leanne!

  • Hi dear,
    I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain! I hope it ends soon!
    I was on vacation that's why I wasn't posting or commenting much, but now I'm back.
    I've been thinking of going bilingual on my blogs for a while, some posts will be a lot of work, but that's something I really wanna do.
    Take care! I'll be as good as new in no time! 🙂

  • I mean, you'll be good as new! 😉

  • Hey bb, feel better <3 tomorrow is a new day and I hope you do all the things on the list 😀 hehe, wanna see chase the cat around pics, LOVE this outfit too!! 😀

  • hope you feel better soon! at least you look gorgeous!

  • I love that dress! And that necklace is just totally STUNNING!

  • Pigging out on ice cream sounds FAB to me bb! I am so in love with your shoes especially with the relaxed dress.

  • Love your outfit, dollface!

  • hope your day was better today! I love the dress,


    I <3 you

  • sounds like a long day! cute outfit (:

  • Sorry about your wisdom tooth. But your necklace is love. I mean love love love! <3

  • Love the look… it's simple but hot! Oh if there's anything I miss as a new hijabi it's definitely wearing short dresses when I go out and a great pair of heels to match! Those shoes are fierrrrce