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Painkilling with pink.

August 11, 2010

I did everything on that list except paint my nails, I chose to do some artwork instead. If you’re on my facebook you know that I am currently fantasizing about the many ways in which I could torture my stupid dentist.
So, just FYI because apparently we pay dentists to not inform us about the following- if you have had your wisdom teeth extracted, do not smoke or drink from a straw. The sucking motion slows down the healing process and  can cause a painful condition called Dry Socket. If you are a woman on oral contraception or if you had a complicated extraction because the tooth was stuck in a bone, you are likely to get this dry socket condition.
I can tick mark everything on that list and it explains why I’m suddenly in so much pain days later 🙁
Oh well, enough whining. I just thought it would be good to inform other people. Bah, stupid dentist.
We went out for drinks with friends last night, I had a couple of Mojitos from a straw. Was fun though.
I picked up this purse yesterday, the boyf said it looked childish but whatever, it was on SALE! hehe.
I hope you’re doing alright, hope the week’s passing along well for you 🙂
And thanks to Amanda from Fashion, Love and Martinis for sharing this quote, love it!

‎”Shopping is my cardio.”
– Carrie Bradshaw

P.S Ramadan Kareem  to everyone!



  • soooo cute Weesha! I haven't shopped at New Look Yet, but everyone overseas seems to really enjoy it. So hopefully this fall./winter i can add something from there to my collection!


  • You look beautiful! 🙂 Sucks about your idiot dentist, thought! >:[

    Hopefully you feel better and the pain goes away soon hun! 😉

    -Christina <3

  • What a pretty outfit! I adore flowers and ruffles! 🙂 …and I love the cardigan you popped over it.

  • What a pretty outfit! I adore flowers and ruffles! 🙂 …and I love the cardigan you popped over it.

  • Loved the quote! And you look so nice, just like a pink candy! Glad you are feeling better! 🙂

  • sorry about the tooth pain, that definitely has to suck 🙁

    but you do look very cute in your outfit!!

  • Cute outfit! I don't know about you but a bunch of Mojito's would make me feel at least a little better.

    As a teacher I have a bunch of kids who celebrate Ramadan, don't know about it–so is it appropriate to say Happy Ramadan?

  • Oh my goodness I really hope you feel better soon! I had four dry sockets when I got mine taken out a few years ago so I know how much it sucks 🙁 I'm still not sure what mine were from though because I knew of the "things to avoid" and did so. I guess it could have been the oral contraceptives… I didn't even know about that one!!!

  • I like the purse! hehe it's quite charming 😉

    and I have heard dentist tell folks (here anyways) not to drink out of a straw BUT I never knew exactly for what reason! lol ouchie, guess I know now!

  • Oh no! I totally feel your pain – the memory of the wisdom teeth is too fresh in my mind… And my husband got his removed pretty recently, too.

    At least you're still looking gorgeous! That color is so great on you!

  • S

    Beautiful outfit!

    S x

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  • love the dress + the purse (:

  • awe <3333 I love this it's a fav for sure

  • Weesha!!!!!!

    I love this outfit! Every last detail is sooo cute!


  • In

    Hope you heal soon! I am much much older than you and need all four wisdom teeth extracted in two sessions too. I hear it gets more difficult as one ages. Yikes!

    Have been visiting your blog for a few months now though not sure how I got here :). I remember reading some of your family is in Goa? Beautiful place. I am originally from India so have been there a couple of times a long long time ago.


  • I love the dress & I happen to think the purse is super cute!!

  • Can I steal your cardigan? It is so so pretty. It goes well with the dress. And the purse? Oh my! It is so girlish.

  • I love your pink outfit! The dress is soo pretty. I'm sorry about your wisdom teeth problem. I hope you feel better!

  • I totally love the purse <3<3 Guys are so silly sometimes lol

  • Meg

    The dress is just awesome!

  • hey ramadan kareem to you too girl thnks !
    you look absolutely amazing in that cute bun ^^ , i'm sorry about the toothacke tho 🙁 hope it'll get better soon !

  • Love this outfit ! xoxo:)