Children see, Children do

August 27, 2010

I don’t think I would like my kids to learn how to criticise and tear apart their body with hate and shame. It would kill me if my kid thought she/ he wasn’t good enough just because she/ he didn’t look perfect. I would absolutely hate it if anyone learnt any of this from me,



  • This is so true. Like they always say, kids may fail to follow the parents, but they will never fail imitating them.

  • well said and SO true. It makes me skin crawl…its sad, really.

  • wow. One of the reasons behind my blog and why I wanted to change my life was because of my two girls.


  • came back just to say: I saw this on tv not too long ago. Back then it made me quite sad. I looked at my kids and I wondered what things they were imitating. But now, I kind of feel relieved to know that whatever they are imitating is much better these days. If they are anything like their daddy, I am a very happy woman. If they are anything like me (now) I am also a very happy woman. As long as what I used to be, criticising myself every which way I turned, they do not become.

    Oh, and I just have to say that my 2 yo calls oranges weesha! 🙂 I don't know know why she does but its cute!

  • that's so true, and so scary. people don't understand what they are teaching their kids.

  • The situation where the man and the boy were about to beat the woman just killed me.

  • Well said!


  • wow. i couldn't agree more.