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A change in colour

August 24, 2010

I don’t know about you but I’ve just about had it with summer, enough already!

Just about one more month to go and then I can wear anything and spending time outdoors wouldn’t be suicidal. I’m going to be brave and learn how to rollerblade next month, easy for some people but rocket science for my uncoordinated ass.SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

New Look dress and shoes: Blanco bag

I swear I’m not trying to look bad ass, it was just impossible to smile with the crazy heat and light. But sunlight and trees always give good pictures so it was totally worth it 🙂

I used to be a fan of Sara Rue back in her Popular days and I’ve always thought she was gorgeous, loved her even more as Leonard’s hot girlfriend in Big Bang Theory. But this just makes me sad, it’s good that she’s happy but I think she’s a bit delusional if she thinks fat=sad and thin= happy. I guess it’ll only be a matter of time before she finds out that self acceptance= happy and it’s more of an emotional problem than a size problem. The comments are super interesting too btw.



  • tres rock star effectivement ;O)

  • You rock, Weesha! I like Sara Rue no matter what size she is. Myself on the other hand, I would prefer thinner!

  • you look awesome! love the makeup and the nails 🙂

  • looking good girl!

  • this pics came out amazing!! your so beautiful!

  • Your eyes look gorgeous with the turqouise color !!!


  • LOVE this look! you look like a rock star, befitting for your shirt 🙂

  • Gorgeous!

    And yes, I've been seeing the Sara Rue ad on tv a lot lately and it makes me so sad and so angry. (And I know this is beside the point totally, but her face looks so much better before :/)

  • God, you rock! Loved that outfit!

  • It's hard not to look like a badass when you've got such a badass dress and shoes on. Love it!

  • I agree, those shoes are badass. Oh, and you're gonna have such a good time roller blading. I use to do it when I was younger and I've been meaning to get into it again, but I have a similar issue with the heat.

  • Another month of summer? More like a week around here, and that's pushing it. I really like the seasons, though.
    I just get really worried that she's gonna yo-yo back up again, and then she'll hate herself.

  • love that bag and the whole outfit looks adorable!! where did you get your bangles? i love it!

    is this on the creekside? i recognize the dhows. 🙂 i was there couple of months ago and wanted to take photos with those trees too. but there were too many labourers resting underneath it. it's like each one of them has their own territory. haha! i guess i went there at the wrong time of the day.

  • Love the 'rock chick chic' on YOU!

    Suit's ya:)

  • that first photo is amazing!

  • THOSE SHOES O_O I wish I could wear heels and had legs as stunning as yours.
    Devon, xx

  • OMG! LuAnne! you are so beautiful! love love loooove this look, very inspirational 🙂 xxxxx <3

  • OMG!!!!PLEASE WORK!!! Girl you look so sexy in this outfit!!! GET EM'


  • I saw that Sarah Rue article on Jezebel when it came out and it made me really sad. I don't know if I can really add anything to your comment on it other than the fact that if you feel that depressed, being fat is probably not the source of the problem. It doesn't mention if she also sought therapy or something, but it's misleading to reinforce the idea that if you get thin everything will be all better. Even if you get thin because you don't like being fat, I think you need to reach a certain level of self-acceptance to be able to actually change effectively and be happy.

  • You have the most amazing hair! Just so that you know. And I completely second everything Vanessa said about Sarah Rue – it makes me incredibly sad when people make out like getting skinny immediately makes you happy.

  • I agree with you about Sarah Rue, the Jenny Craig ad made me sad too. I mean its good that she's getting healthy, I just hope that she did it for the right reasons, and not just to get more work in hollywood. But I also honestly have to say that I thought she looked much better heavier, now she kind of just looks like everyone else. Her weight seemed to always add to her beauty and make her stand out from the crowd. But oh well, whatever makes her happy right?

    anyway you look fabulous in your photos as usual. That long top is so awesome!

  • i love the look ! you are gorgeous 😀 your hair is so beautiful !!

  • Wonderful dress! 🙂

  • i love the look of the bag and that tree…very earthy color!
    you look great on your outfit *thumbs up*

  • gorgeous look, im loving the bag!


  • Great look. You definitely are looking like a rockstar.

  • this photos are AMAZING!!! I love them