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Spots & Stripes & awards

July 8, 2010

21The Heart and Soul award is given to bloggers who always take the time to sit and relate with their readers. Whether it be with the simplest walk down the street to something that my have triggered an emotion to inspire you to write the amazing entries that you do. Not all bloggers are able to capture the attention and hearts of readers. Bearing and exposing your HEART & SOUL in your blogposts, I present this gift to you.

Thank you to lovely Lala from simplest form of an elle, she has one of the most beautifully inspiring blogs I have come across and I’m so honoured she chose me!

1. Award 10 bloggers.
2. Thank the person that tagged you in a New Blog Entry.

So here are the 10 bloggers I want to send this award to. Honestly, I’ve chosen these blogs because they have moved me in some way, they have changed my way of thinking, inspired me or comforted me in the fact that I am not alone 🙂

Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul

xoxo NikStar

Return to Sender: A Fat Girl’s Letters to the World

Fat Nurse

Always Summer

Jilly beansTALK


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Musings from the Soapbox

Curlveliciously me

Oh La La Curves!

Keep up the amazing work ladies ♥

And now to regular Weesha news 🙂

a) we’re going through a rough time but we’re warriors, we’ll cope. I just might not be blogging as often. Ampersand Style needs to launch very, very soon, got bills to pay!

b) Speaking of which, we received our first sample bag today! The boyf designed it- it’s got the ampersand symbol and his favourite font helvetica. I think it’s adorable, and I love big bags because I would be stranded without them. I would love to hear what you think, feedback is important y’know?



I’ll upload better pictures I promise, probably with an OOTD in daylight. I’m going to use it everywhere to test quality- Let’s see if it’s laptop proof, sunlight/ spillage proof and of course, CAT PROOF (Is anything cat proof?!)

c) I wore my leopard print jeans today, I’m still madly in love with them 🙂



And ofcourse, the kittehs have to get in on the photo action. Tsk. 

d) The Facebook, Please stop permitting fat hatred group shared this article in the Huffington Post. Please check it out and feel free to comment and teach ignorant people a thing or two. Please don’t let  the moronic comments of some people get you down, people suck remember?





  • First of all, you look very 80s in the very best way today. Second of all, that bag is A-dorable, capital A!

  • thanks Taylor! and omg you just made me realise I look so much like my mom when she was my age, she used to wear her hair in a bun and wear bright lipsticks!

  • loving this post… really… love the look you have in this post… also love the love you're giving to other blogs… you know how important that is to me…

  • thank you so much for the award! i love your blog as well. it had inspired and comforted me and i treasure our friendship! you're amazing 🙂

    ps. LOVE this outfit. it looks fantastic on you!

  • Awwww, Weesha!!!! I'm soo honored! Thanks Doll! So glad I found you on here!

    Best of luck with the launch.


  • First, thank you so much for the award!

    Second, those Facebook groups make me really rip-roaring mad. Stuff like this is just terrible and I don't understand people most of the time.

  • Thank you so much for the award! I'm gonna publish it right away! I LOVED your bag! I love the style, the colors, everything! 🙂

  • God you're so beautiful!! 🙂 and I've requested to join the facebook group 🙂 Im here to support 🙂 <3

  • wow I'm madly in love with your jeans too!! They're perfect!

    Also well said, I just quit my FB for about the 5th time because it just gets to be too ridiculous…

    It makes my blood boil when people decide to be cruel or mean for no damn reason. Its sad more than anything else.

    ANYWHO, adore you!
    Cheers, Jesa

  • Aweeeeeeeeeee <3 I so adore you! This is probably the most meaningful "tag" I've received! How sweet of you. Glad I can inspire!

    OK soooo about this outfit, super duper hot! Loving the red pout too!

  • adorable bag, love it! you look very stylish and confident in your outfit, hot as ever!

  • aw. you are so pretty! i love the bag and your outfit!

  • You look great! That bag is so cute. xo

  • <3

  • Love the colours on the bag and i like the size

  • Congratulations on your award! so well deserved 😀 and great awards given!!

    I absolutely love the bag, the print, the size, I would def buy it, and would love to support your business! thinking of you! 🙂

    would love to see a pic of your mum when she was your age! 🙂

    xxx Anika

  • Am still hooked on .. You look like a super star in this .. love the look 🙂 ….

  • BBM

    love, love the look girl! and that tote is BOMB!

    congrats on the award btw!

  • i can see why you love those jeans. btw, that bag is gorge1 you should have a giveaway with it as the pricce to win. lol

  • I am loving that top.It is so retro.

  • Thank you for the reward hun, I LOVE THAT BAG.
    Also, when I was on my last placement (mental health nursing student, I was last on an in-patient Psych ward) there was a lady who would always come up to me, hug me and call me a warriors. We were warriors together, I was helping her get well, she was fighting her way through her illness. Together, as both individually strong women with our own problems we were warriors.
    I believe she's being managed in the community now. We may not always show our weaknesses, but we are all fighting.

  • OMG I love that bag so much!!!! I love the colors!