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July 20, 2010


Splash top, Forever21 necklace, everything else from New Look 

Ok, so here is a list of things I do when I’m down:

  • Dress up: put on some make up and a sufficiently cute outfit. Sometimes, it’s true- when you look good, you feel good.
  • Rearrange furniture– I drive the boyf a bit mad with this because technically it’s him moving the sofa :P  I don’t know why, but a mini redecorating session or just a new floor plan helps me clear my mind. Weird, I know.
  • Long walks– some kind of exercise helps me feel better. I guess it has something to do with endorphins and sorting my thoughts out.
  • Treat myself– paint my nails a bright colour, relax with a face mask or just condition my hair. Good stuff!
  • Go for a drive– my favourite cds are essential for this one- Iron Maiden to vent or 80’s classics for car karaoke.
  • Indulge– I am a foodie. Good food is temporary satisfaction but it’s a really good distraction-Indian food, Thai food, sushi or pizza. YUM.
  • Cuddle with the boyf and the cats– family time and love can cheer anyone up, no?
  • Read the newspaper- 80% of the time this actually depresses/ scares me but it’s also a good reminder of how lucky and blessed I am.

What do you guys do when you’re not feeling so great?

hugs ♥



  • You look darling as alway! 🙂

    Hmmm, wat do i do when im down… ususally i listen to music and sing aloud, VERY loud! hehe

    or i read to help keep my mind off whatever is bothering me

    or i clean! (washing dishes and cleaning up makes me let out some of that angry/negative "energy")

    -Christina <3

  • Love the color combos and the necklace.
    Unfortunately when I feel bad I eat too much or go to bed and feel sorry for myself.

  • love the colour pop! i have no idea how to contrast/clash colour so when i see it i'm always awed.

  • Love the color combo here! So pretty!

    When I'm down, I clean. I swear, my house is the cleanest when I'm sad or upset lol and I blast music! I think everyone does the music thing. Some days, I'll walk to Lake Michigan and just sit and stare at the water. Something about it calms me down.

  • You look terrific and those colors are so flattering! When I fell yucky, I have a movie marathon, and sometimes try to get so type of creativity going, even if it's making new widgets. I love to make widgets 🙂 I tagged u for an award. stop by if you'd like, and grab that little button. I love to hear random facts about other bloggers 😉

  • Anonymous

    good on you for getting up and taking charge to get out of your funk! girl, we all have those days.

  • cute outfit!

  • gorgeous outfit, great color combination! when I'm down I look at one of the silly videos I've made during the years, or bake something good, or have some chocolate. and maybe ice cream. haha! cuddles with boyfriend always help!

  • when I dont feel good I grab that bag of chips and DOWN IT! lol 😛 i basicly pig out with snacks and soda and foods…ah. so bad:P

    You look beautiful!

  • wow, I love the shape of that skirt, and the colour combo, well done1 🙂 when I`m down I blast music and siiiiiing and dance, on my own at home 🙂 or smash a couple of wine glasses, that also helps 🙂 sending you big hugs back beautiful. <3

  • I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  • AWE I love it!

    ps you've been awarded <3

  • I love this outfit! It's so adorable and so are you!

  • ooohhh I love this outfit! that skirt is to die for!

    and when I'm down, I try to sleep it off…haha 🙂

  • Really beautiful photos!
    I wanted to follow your feed, but there seems to be something wrong with it, hope you can fix it!

  • Roanna Fernandes

    For some reason, I come to your blog because there’s a mention of a new post, and I end up trudging back in time!!!! Always fun to, you’re so pretty; and I love everything you wear. That new camera bag is my favourite, btw.